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Valorant performance boost global invalidation

Riot just announced Valorant performance boost global invalidation after months of development, here are all the details on the breaking news.
Valorant performance boost global invalidation

Riot Games just made a massive announcement pertaining to Valorant and the overall gameplay. After months of development, the Performance Boost: Global Invalidation is here and has been live for a brief period of time thus far.

The Global Invalidation Performance Boost has improved a number of facets in Valorant which were in need of optimization. And the Performance Boost actually marks the single largest performance gain for clients since the title launched back in 2020.

Performance gains required an effort that spanned multiple teams and took many months to complete, but the results are certainly worth the wait. Here is everything you need to know about the Valorant performance boost global invalidation.

Performance Boost: Valorant’s Global Invalidation

Valorant Global Invalidation
Global Invalidation has provided significant improvements for a large part of the player base. (Picture: Riot Games)

Global Invalidation has provided up to 15% gains for CPU Valorant players (generally mid to high spec machines). The Valorant game improvement teams began work on Global Invalidation back in July of 2021 and continued until implementation in February 2022.

While it was officially launched as part of patch 4.03, it's important to note that Global Invalidation won't affect every machine with matching hardware in the exact same way. And while results could vary, how a specific machine will perform is dependent on a number of other unique factors.

Global Invalidation not only improves Valorant in the short-term, but the Performance Boost also lays the groundwork for much smoother and potentially more frequent updates going forward. From Riot Games' official release, "Global Invalidation aims to significantly improve performance across the whole game while also reducing manual work required of developers to place Widgets in individual Invalidation Boxes."

Notable bug fixes

Part of the Global Invalidation process involved common bug fixes and finding links between those bugs. Riot Games aimed to get to the root causes of these problems, as many times it allowed them to eliminate multiple issues with a single change.

Here are three of the notable bug fixes:

  • Astra crashes the game - At one point, every Astra player was greeted with a crash upon loading into the game. This bug was fixed after integrating changes from Epic.
  • Multiple inheritance crash - The order of destructors in a particular class did not execute in the right order, causing a crash. Simply swapping 2 lines of code to change the inheritance order fixed the problem.
  • Infinite chat audio - While in the menus, the chat bar plays a sound when players hover over it with the mouse. A bug caused that audio to play multiple times a second. Fixing this bug required understanding the timing of how Widgets receive mouse events multiple times per frame.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.