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Sick of playing Ascent? Valorant devs have heeded the calls and reduced the chance of you playing the map

They have brought it in line with the original three maps.
Sick of playing Ascent? Valorant devs have heeded the calls and reduced the chance of you playing the map

It's been a week since the launch of Valorant, which included the fourth and latest map for Riot's new tactical shooter, named Ascent.

The map, which contains a pair of functioning doors which can be closed on the defender's side, has been by and large warmly received by the community, with it being praised for its complex map design which allows for interesting and varied approaches to each bomb site. So well received was the map that one of the few criticisms that it was, with tongue firmly in cheek, "unplayable" because of the shoddy translations of the many Italian phrases and shop signs seen throughout the map.


Ascent map pool percentage
(Picture: Riot Games)


So keen was Riot to get players on to the new map, that with the official release of the game they gave Ascent a higher percentage of the map pool, however, after seven days players were growing tired with several high performing posts on the Valorant subreddit

with some reporting getting the map "seven out of ten times".

Thankfully, like we have seen so often with the Valorant dev team, they were quick to respond and as of today Ascent is now no longer a "featured map".

The announcement was tweeted out and it reads: "Beginning now, Ascent will no longer be a 'featured' map in the rotation. All maps should have an equal chance of being played on in your games."



Riot also confirmed that Ascent was set at 40% of the map pool, meaning players who were seemingly getting it the vast majority of the time was simply unlucky. Interestingly alongside confirming that all maps are now weighted equally the dev also mentioned that it is "still experimenting with" which means that in the future some maps may well be more common than others.



So with that Ascent, now joins Bind, Split and Haven as having an equal chance of being played. 

Alongside Ascent, the Split map also received changes, with the midsection opened up making it easier for attackers to gain a foothold on a critical part of the map.


Ascent map pool Valorant, why do I keep getting ascent in valorant?
(Picture: Riot Games)


There is no word yet on when a fifth map will be making its way to the game but Riot has promised a substantial update "in the summer".