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Valorant players complain that Battle Pass is too much grinding

A game’s Battle Pass has to hit a careful balance, ensuring that players that put in the time will be able to hit the top rank, but without becoming a full-time job. Valorant hasn’t done a great job of this, as one Reddit user discovers.
Valorant players complain that Battle Pass is too much grinding

In a detailed post from user sentokoo on Reddit, the Valorant fan explains exactly why the game’s Battle Pass seems so much of a grind. Unlike Battle Passes in other games, Valorant’s take on the controversial feature requires players to complete daily missions if they want to come close to finishing the season with all the possible unlocks.

Players that complete a day’s missions will earn 4,000 exp for their efforts. Combine this with 7 days a week for 10 weeks and you’ve got 280,000 exp. Add on the weekly missions and your total exp is roughly around 630,000 exp, around 45% of the total 1,372,000 exp required to hit rank 50.

Valorant Battle Pass Act II time to complete
Valorant's battle pass has been likened to a full-time job. (Picture: Riot Games)

What this essentially means, is that not playing every single day for enough time to complete your missions will lead to missing out on significant exp boosts which are necessary to finish the Battle Pass. If a player is only able to play on weekends, they would, therefore, miss out on 200,000 exp which is the equivalent of 200 extra games of Spike Rush.

To complete the Act II Battle Pass, a player will need to put in a couple of hours every day, and that’s simply too much to ask. Playing for long periods of time on weekends isn’t enough, as mission exp is simply too high by comparison. Without missions, players would need a total of 1,372 games of Spike Rush or an insane 2,744 games of the new Deathmatch mode to complete their Battle Pass.

As a proposed solution, the Reddit user suggests that all exp should be increased across the board, meaning that more progress can be made without the use of missions. Another alternative would be to follow the trend of other premium Battle Passes, and boost player exp when using a purchased pass. This would also give fans an incentive to purchase the Battle Pass at the beginning of the season.