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Valorant players to be given option to surrender in next update

The lack of Valorant Points to be earned in the Battle Pass was also discussed in developer Q and A.
Valorant players to be given option to surrender in next update

It's been one of the most oft-requested features since the launch of Valorant, the ability to surrender when a game is all but over or you are being griefed by teammates or foes, and according to a recent developer Q and A the feature is set to be "introduced in Patch 1.02".


This isn't the first time we have heard of such a feature with Game Director, Joe Ziegler confirming on the eve of launch, during ESPN's Valorant special, that a surrender feature would be coming "soon".

How that feature will possibly work has also been revealed by a series of leaks from data miners. Players will be able to surrender only after eight rounds have been played, and only be able to hold a surrender vote once in each half. 

If that is how the feature will appear in 1.02 is not clear, Valorant's Executive Producer, Anna Donlon, admitted it was "a complex feature and it's still being tested," when the leak initially emerged.



The Battle Pass and criticisms it has attracted over the fact that the game doesn't award Valorant Points when unlocking tiers, and thus the means to purchase another one, were also addressed in the Q and A.

It's a popular model that has been adopted by the likes of Fortnite, but one which Joe Lee, Revenue Lead, feels devalues the pass. "Our goal is that when you buy a battle pass, you buy it for the total value of it rather than buying it as a way of getting enough currency to buy the next one," which feels like he is saying "you want to buy a pass and get another pass for free?"

A sentiment that is basically confirmed when he goes on to that the adding VP points to the battle pass would hurt their ability to "fund our long-term vision". So tough luck for those hoping for a change any time soon.

Joe does have a promise though, that they are continually "studying" the battle pass and will "make sure that the content within it justifies the price".

More uses for Radiante Points, which can currently only be spent on upgrading certain skins, are also on the horizon with Joe confirming that players soon able to "buy more Gun Buddies, upgrade Player Cards and Sprays".


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Players will soon be able to purchase gunbuddies and other cosmetics with Radiante Points.(Picture: Riot Games)


Anna Donlon also took to Twitter in the hours after the developers Q and A was posted to answer some queries about combating toxic behaviour, and she took the opportunity to confirm that players will soon be informed when an action has been taken against some they have previously reported.



There is no official release date for patch 1.02 but going off historic release patterns it should be coming out some point early next week.