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Valorant pro Infinite rumoured to be dropped from NRG over Twitch chat toxicity

The CS:GO-turned-Valorant pro has a history of toxic behaviour, but it seems that the last incident might cost him his career.
Valorant pro Infinite rumoured to be dropped from NRG over Twitch chat toxicity

Gage "Infinite" Green has been possibly removed from NRG's Valorant roster over his latest outburst of toxic behaviour, according to rumours.

The young Valorant pro is again under fire due to his unacceptable behaviour, after an alleged screenshot of Twitch chat started circulating on the internet, shared by streamer Oskeegee.

The screenshot, which can be seen below, shows the 22-year-old American "invading" the Twitch chat of streamer OskeeGee, while they were playing  Escape from Tarkov.

Allegedly, OskeeGee was relishing the kill after he gunned Infinite down, which prompted Infinite's angry reaction, resulting in a series of insults which you can read below.

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nrg Infinite toxic twitch chat
(Picture: OskeeGee)

About half a day after the incident was reported Infinite tweeted out that he will "most likely not going to be playing in the next VCT with the team cause I have to get surgery on my arm and back 2 days before the qualifier."

The timing is quite suspicious, and many believe that this is just Infinite's excuse to cover-up his impending removal from NRG's Valorant roster.

Speculations are further reinforced by Valorant reporter Arran "Halo" Spake, who claims that, according to his sources, "changes are being considered by NRG".

Initially, he reported that Braxton "Brax" Pierce or Kevin "AZK" Larviêre‚ which were recently released from T1, are possible replacements for Infinite, but later confirmed that they are not under consideration.

If rumours of Green being fired from NRG are true, this will not be the first time that the young American has sabotaged his career with reckless behaviour.

infinite Valorant removed
Infinite joined NRG's Valorant roster on 26th December 2020 (Picture: NRG)

Back in 2018, he was rumoured to join Cloud9 CS:GO roster as a replacement for Maikil "Golden" Selim, but at the time he was accused by CS:GO pro Ronnie "ryx" Bylicki of using racist language against one of his teammates at the Americas Minor Championship, which resulted in public outrage and probably prompted Cloud9 to reconsider their interest in him.

Infinite's CS:GO career officially ended in December 2020, when he announced his switch to Valorant and became the member of NRG.