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Valorant pro Sinatraa accused of sexual abuse against ex-girlfriend

The former Overwatch League and current Sentinels' star has been accused of gaslighting, manipulating, and sexually abusing his former girlfriend.
Valorant pro Sinatraa accused of sexual abuse against ex-girlfriend

Update: Both Riot Games and Sentinels have suspended Sinatraa while an investigation is underway, preventing him from competing in the upcoming Valorant Masters event.

Original story:

Jay "Sinatraa" Won has been accused by his ex-girlfriend of sexual abuse, Cleo, via social media. 

Via her Twitter account, Cleo shared a lengthy document describing in detail all of Sinatraa's transgressions during their 9-month relationship, which included nonconsensual sexual acts, manipulating her into having sex, and gaslighting her about their relationship.

"When I started dating Jay I got an IUD because he refused to use a condom. The first time we slept together I told him I wasn't on birth control and he could not finish in me. He did it anyways, without my consent," Chloe explains.

Sinatraa sexual abuse
(Image: Overwatch League)

Detailing Sinatraa's general behaviour around her, Cleo writes that to Jay "saying no to sex was not an option," adding that "he'd say anything that would make me feel guilty."

"I never got away with saying no without a guilt trip. Sometimes he'd pretend to be okay with my excuses but then he'd ask just for me to kiss him and then he just did one more until we had sex anyways. I'd try to say no but he'd just push himself on me."

Cleo attached a small audio clip of an instance in which Sinatraa refused to acknowledge her desires to not have intercourse, claiming that these audios were taken from videos both recorded consensually.

"In the video itself, he is psychically moving to get me to still have sex with him while I'm saying no." 

Cleo proceeded to share text messages between them to showcase Sinatraa's manipulative behavior in a new way, constantly accusing her of cheating while tracking her location via GPS.

sinatraa sexual misconduct
(Image: Chloe)

"He'd use to check my location to see where I was, which was fine, but sometimes it would glitch and he'd instantly accuse me of cheating. He will probably try to say he was joking here but he was not joking."

Cleo stated that Sinatraa "was so insecure that he would push me into the corner and make me beg him not to break up with me."

Sinatraa's insecurity even extended to his professional career, getting into an argument with Cleo over a tweet made during an Overwatch League match.

sinatraa sexual abuse valorant
(Image: Chloe)

The document is 9-pages long and you can read it for yourself right here. At the time of writing, neither Sentinels nor Sinatraa have commented on it.