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Valorant ranked playlist live in North America, Europe tomorrow

The much anticipated ranked mode is now live for players based in North America, with Europe kept waiting.
Valorant ranked playlist live in North America, Europe tomorrow

Riot's new tactical shooter - Valorant - has taken the world by storm in the three short weeks since it was released as a closed beta, and no sooner did gamers' get their hands on the game where they looking to play it as competitively as possible - namely through a ranked mode.

And it looks like it is finally here as a statement from the developers posted on the Valorant Twitter says the ranked playlist will be turned on today in North America and, "if all goes well, Europe following the hotfix patch scheduled for 1st May at 9.30 am CEST.



Riot has been very cautious with their new game and stated previously that they wouldn't unlock ranked mode until they were happy with the build of the game.

With two major patches and a number of hotfixes being rolled out since launch, it looks that time is finally here, but they have given themselves an out if in their own words - "things get weird" stating they have the "right to turn off ranked at any time." 

Don't say you haven't been warned.

Players' have reason to be confident of ranked sticking around though, with Valorant releasing into closed beta in a state that many full releases can only hope to be in.


Valorant Ranked Mode

Valorant North America Live Valorant ranked mode unlocked Valorant ranked mode Europe Valorant Ranked mode North America
(Credit: Riot Games)


The ranked mode of Valorant won't look a lot different from what players have experienced in the Unrated playlist - except games are going to get much sweatier. 

Riot have stressed competitive integrity and it is in ranked that we will finally see what all the fuss is about.

Games will have the same rules and format as Unrated and there will be 8 ranks to climb, each - except Valorant - will have their tears, they will be: 

  • Iron I-III
  • Bronze I-III
  • Silver I-III
  • Gold I-III
  • Platinum I-III
  • Diamond I-III
  • Immortal I-III 
  • Valorant 

To gain your initial rank you will need to complete 20 Unrated matches. You can queue with up to five players, but all must be within two ranks of each other.

You will gain rank by winning matches or lose it by losing them (good system), your individual performance will also come into play - so if you are the hard carry on a bad team you won't be too hardly punished.

It is also worth noting that your rating will not carry over the full launch of the game, so try and have a bit of fun with it will you can.