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Valorant Replication mode: Release date, how to play, and more

The dream of an all-duelists comp without feeling bad can become a reality once Replication releases with patch v2.09.
Valorant Replication mode: Release date, how to play, and more

After teasing a new Replication game mode, Riot Games has unveiled more details regarding the update that will come with update v2.09.

In an article published by Dot Esports, Riot explained how the game mode will function, from character selection to the length of each match.

Valorant Replication - How to play

Valorant Replication

Replication will feature a voting phase in which a team will select the Agent they'll all be playing during the match. 

Once this process is done, the match will start with everyone having their abilities, minus the Ultimate, on top of this, the credits earned per round are on a fixed scale, whether you win or lose, going from 900 all the way to 6,000.

Unlike the regular first-to-13 Valorant matches, this will be a best-of-nine affair, ensuring a fast-paced mode to kick back and relax from the ranked grind.

If you're afraid of going up against five Phoenix or Breach's, Riot has set up a system in place in which players can't get perma-flashed for more than four seconds.

Valorant Replication - Release date

The mode, according to Riot, will launch with the release of update v2.09, scheduled for this upcoming 11th May.

Replication will stay for two weeks, replacing Escalation in the meantime.