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Valorant's new RGX Pz11 Vandal skin causing FPS drops, Riot "aware" and working on fix

Two days after it launched, players are noticing FPS drops with the latest RGX 11z Pro bundle available for Valorant. Developer Riot Games is investigating the issue.
Valorant's new RGX Pz11 Vandal skin causing FPS drops, Riot "aware" and working on fix

The latest skin line, the RGX 11z Pro bundle, which brings the PC gaming rig aesthetic to Valorant’s in-game weaponry, is already experiencing technical issues. Less than two days after it arrived alongside the v3.07 update, many have taken to various forum discussion platforms to express their frustration over the issue.

The technical issue appears to be affecting the Vandal skin, one of the weapon skins included in the pack and which Team Liquid's Dom "soulcas" Sulcas claimed led to a 100 FPS drop in a practice match.

As to whether it is affecting other weapon skins have yet to be determined but Riot Games has now confirmed they are aware of the issue and are working to remedy it.

With its cool futuristic design, the new skin bundle comes in four different colours. (Picture: Riot Games)

Riot investigating the severity of the issue

The issue, which was brought to wider attention by a smattering of pro players before finding its way onto the Valorant subreddit is clearly widespread among those that purchased the skin bundle. Thankfully, a Riot developer has already confirmed they are working on the issue.

The response couldn't have come from a higher source, with Riot's Producer of Premium Content, Preeti Khanolkar, replying in a post on the Valorant subreddit.


“We’ve been looking into this since Wednesday night Pacific Time (a few hours after the skin went live in the store). Yes, we tested this for performance before it shipped but we missed this.”

Furthermore, Riot will follow up on the matter with players on the steps going forward. Their findings into the investigation will be shared with the Valorant community on the relevant channels on how they aim to resolve the matter.

Riot Games is investigating an issue affecting the RGX 11z Pro bundle causing FPS drops. (Picture: Riot Games)

“Right now, we’re doing some investigation into the full severity of it and will determine if we hotfix this or push an update in the next patch. We’ll make sure we communicate what we decide to do.”

It appears for now that the Valorant community is pleased with the prompt response. The bigger issue at hand is how long Riot takes to fix the issue, it may be that the bundle finds itself back in the in-game store sooner rather than later as would-be buyers will be put off until the FPS problem is fixed.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.