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Riot teases newest Valorant agent

Valorant’s 18th agent has received an electrifying new video that has fans excited for the eventual release.
Riot teases newest Valorant agent

Back in July, Valorant dataminer ValorLeaks tweeted a screenshot of a line of code that apparently revealed the name of the agent set to be released after "Deadeye," who we now know as Chamber, Valorant’s most recent agent.

The codename in the screenshot is "Sprinter," but there has been no statement as to if this will be their official name upon release.

Now, six months later, we’ve received some more information on Valorant’s newest agent.

During the opening ceremony of the Valorant Champions Finals on December 12, Riot Games revealed a teaser for Valorant’s 18th agent. The video shows lines of code moving in the shape of a human with a woman’s voice speaking in English and Filipino. Which is probably a hint towards the agent’s country of origin, the Philippines.

Towards the end of the 17-second clip the voice can be heard saying “get ready” and “I go fast.” This is likely a reference to one or more of the agent’s abilities, and it could be assumed that they will have some form of a speed boost.

Riot teases newest Valorant agent
The text pulled from Valorant’s source code a few months ago. (Picture: ValorLeaks)

When translated, the voice can also be heard saying “I hope you get struck by lightning.” This could mean that the agent’s kit will revolve around electricity. If this is true, it would likely make them a Radiant, a group of individuals who have inhuman abilities according to Valorant’s lore.

More information on the 18th agent could be revealed soon as they are expected to be released with Episode 4 Act 1 in January 2022. That is unless Yoru’s rework takes the spotlight and pushes the new agent’s release further back.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.