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Valorant’s 18th agent, Neon: Abilities and release date

The newest Valorant agent will be sliding into the game in the near future.
After leaks spoiled the surprise, Valorant players received a more detailed look into Neon’s abilities on 5th January as Riot Games released a brand new cinematic trailer.

The Manila-based duelist agent can outrun and outgun her opponents with a sprint ability and lightning finger guns.

Valorant  Neon - Abilities


As shown in the trailer, Neon can holster her weapons to allow herself to sprint at enemies. She can then finish off that sprint with a tactical slide while her gun is drawn.

Concussive Grenade

Neon’s next ability allows her to throw a grenade that can bounce off of up to two walls before hitting the ground. Once on the ground, the charge explodes in an area similar in size to KAY/O’s grenade, but instead of damage, the ability will concuss opponents.


Neon’s final non-ultimate ability is essentially Phoenix’s firewall ability, but two of them. Neon simultaneously throws up two firewalls on either side of herself that creates a sort of corridor for her and her teammates to walk through. It also doesn’t appear that she can curve the firewalls like Phoenix.

Lightning finger guns

Neon’s ultimate ability being used to electrocute an enemy Raze (Picture: Riot Games)
Neon’s ultimate ability being used to electrocute an enemy Raze (Picture: Riot Games)

Neon’s ultimate ability allows her to channel electricity into her fingertips and zap enemies with a beam of it. It appears that she can sprint and slide while using it and it seems to do a lot of damage to enemies, killing them in about a second of direct contact.

When is Neon releasing?

Riot Games has confirmed that Valorant’s newest agent, Neon, will be coming to the game with Episode 4: Disruption, which should be released sometime later this month.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games