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Valorant's Astra: Abilities, backstory, more

Episode 2 Act 2 of Valorant is about to arrive, and with it, a new controller agent will make her debut in the game, with the power of the stars in her hands.
Valorant's Astra: Abilities, backstory, more

Valorant's 15th Agent has been officially announced, ahead of the start of Episode 2 Act 2. which will bring with it several changes to its gameplay and a new battle pass full of rewards and content.

This time, the new agent will be part of the controllers class, known for being Agents who attempt to gain control of the battlefield with their abilities, joining well-known agents within the roster such as Omen and Viper.

Learn all the details about her, as well as her unique abilities, which will take you to infinity and beyond.

Astra - abilities

Astra is an Agent from Ghana, which has a completely futuristic arsenal in her hands that allows her to manage the energies of the cosmos to control space and time at her will.

Her abilities are focused on manoeuvring gravity, as well as playing with stellar elements around her. For this, you must activate her Astral Form (X) from her, which will allow you to place Stars with your primary fire key. This will allow you to use all of her other abilities:

  • Gravity Well (C): When activated on a Star, it will create a gravitational field that draws all enemies close to its centre of gravity where it will explode, leaving those affected fragile.
  • Nova Pulse (Q): When activated on a Star, it will charge and then detonate a Nova Pulse, which concusses all players around its explosion.
  • Nebula (E): When activated on a Star, it will transform it into a Nebula with a smoke bomb effect.

Valorant Astra guide
(Picture: Riot Games)

  • Dissipate (F): This ability allows you to return any Star placed to your inventory, creating a false Nebula effect before having it back. The returned Star cannot be used for a short time.
  • Ultimate - Cosmic Divide (X): This can only be used while in Astral Form. It allows you to create a cosmic wall that will block the impact of enemy bullets, and will drastically reduce the audio of your movements and actions.

Valorant Astra guide 2
(Picture: Riot Games)

Astra will be one of the best elements in terms of strategy, allowing you to create great sales of opportunity against any enemy thanks to its diverse arsenal of control and siege skills.

She will be available in-game with the arrival of Episode 2 Act 2 of Valorant on 2nd March, along with all the relevant content from this update.