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Valorant's Brimstone set for Episode 2 buff

The US army commander used to be one of the game's must-pick agents but he has seen better days.
Valorant's Brimstone set for Episode 2 buff

In the early pre-launch days of Valorant, Brimstone that big hulk of a man, with his laser-guided smoke grenades and powerful Orbital Strike, was a frequent sight in Valorant, just behind Sage as one of the highest picked Agents in the game.

Things changed though, sometimes it involved actual changes, his Incendiarys increased from 200 to 300 back in v0.50, that was followed by a further nerf in the post-launch v1.04 update when his Orbital Strike went from costing six Ult points to seven.

Brimstone agent buffs Episode 2 Act 1
Brimstone's abilities have been the subject of nerfs since the game's release. (Picture: Riot Games)

These nerfs as well as buffs to other Agents, coupled with a more complete understanding of the meta saw Brimstone's pick-rate plummet, barely breaking into the top 10 Agents and at the very highest levels of the game, Radiant rank, where he is picked just 1.8% of the time, the lowest out of all thirteen of the Agents.

Brimstone buff
Brimstone is now the least picked Agent in the highest ranks. (Picture: Blitz.gg)

Thankfully for Brimstone mains things could soon be better with Riot confirming that the forgotten man is set for a series of buffs likely coinciding with the release of the much anticipated Episode 2 Act 1.

Now if you come here expecting to see what those buffs are we are sorry to disappoint as confirmation that they were on the way was all we got. In a post on the Valorant subreddit about Riot's need to "tweak" Brimstone, a short response from a dev confirmed that such changes were on the way "very soon".

The original poster did suggest three ways that Brimstone could be buffed, these were:

  • Pick smoke spots (pre-round even) and “save” them. When the time is right, hit E to smoke. You should be able to smoke how it works currently too.
  • More range for smokes.
  • Faster pull out time of his arm to smoke.

In response, Coleman "Altombre" Palm, whose work on Valorant is focused on game balance said, "We agree. Brimstone buffs are coming very soon!"

Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 is set for release on the 13th January, with more information due to be unveiled on the 11th during a developer stream. The new Episode is set to introduce the game's 14th Agent, the previously leaked Yoru, as well as introduce a new battle pass and associated content.