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Valorant's Killjoy back to action, Sage changes coming in next update

With Killjoy back to duty in Valorant, Riot Games has shared the first info on a possible Sage buff coming with the next update.
After a game-breaking turret exploit was discovered for Killjoy, Riot Games quickly disabled the agent. Alongside the Killjoy exploit, the developer also fixed an issue with Sage's Barrier Orb, which allowed a teammate playing Omen to teleport across the map, effectively breaking the game. Now, as Killjoy has returned, Riot Games also spoke out about a possible sage buff coming in the next Valorant update.

Killjoy returns to Valorant

After roughly two days since the exploit was discovered, Killjoy is back in Valorant. 

However, players using Killjoy will no longer be able to exploit a bug to place turrets under the map. 

Killjoy Valorant turrets back next valorant update Sage buff wall barrier orb(Picture: Riot Games)

This wasn't the first time Killjoy got removed from Valorant. The agent was also disabled during the Ignition Series after her release to protect the competitive integrity of the tournament series. 


Next Valorant update: Possible Sage buff

With Sage no longer being able to place a wall down before a round gets underway, the agent was effectively nerfed a bit, especially when combined with Omen.

Riot Games has come out to say on Twitter this fix will be "sticking around in the next patch". However, with the next Valorant update, fans of Sage can also expect a buff to her Barrier Orb. 

Killjoy Valorant turrets back next valorant update Sage buff wall barrier orb(Picture: Riot games)

Riot Games explains: "We're not nerfing your girl. We have a small balance change planned to put a little power back into her barrier."

Exactly what this balance change will be is currently unknown but it is great to see Killjoy back in action, and Sage not being left out in the cold.