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Valorant Snowfall bundle: Release date, skins, cost, more

The Valorant Snowfall bundle, a new Christmas themed Valorant collection, is here. Check out everything you need to know about the Snowfall bundle.
Valorant Snowfall bundle: Release date, skins, cost, more

The Holidays are almost upon us and Riot Games has decided to kick off festivities with a brand-new themed bundle, the Snowfall collection.

Reminiscent of a previous collection that debuted this time last year, Winter Wunderland, the skins feature a diorama-like look and flair to them, depicting a snowy household whose Holiday spirit hasn't been broken by the slow crumble of modern society amid pandemics and environmentally harmful tech-bro lead scams like NFTs.

In any case, they're a treat to watch. While they don't have the night/day feature the Winter Wunderland boast, Snowfall guns are actually 3D rendered models within the weapons, making them have a different kind of appeal, that is quite frankly, stunning.

Let's take a look at everything you need to know about the Snowfall Valorant skin collection.

Valorant Snowfall skin collection - Cost 

These skins are not premium as they do not feature kill banners or any sort of special effects. So while not entirely cheap, they're not the most expensive guns out there.

Each gun in the set costs a total of 1275VP, the Gun Buddy costs 475VP, and the melee weapon, a Christmas themed wand, 2,550VP.

The entire bundle costs a total of 5100VP. So, what guns are featured? Well, let's take a look.

Valorant Snowfall skin collection - All weapons

There are a total of five weapons plus the melee featured. Including skins for:

  • Classic
  • Ares
  • Judge
  • Phantom
  • Snowfall Wand (Melee)

Take a look at the skins down below:


classic snowfall
Classic Snowfall. (Picture: Riot Games)


Snowfall Ares
Snowfall Ares. (Picture: Riot Games)


snowfall judge
Snowfall Judge. (Picture: Riot Games)


Snowfall Phantom
Snowfall Phantom. (Picture: Riot Games)

Snowfall Wand

snowfall wand
Snowfall Wand. (Picture: Riot Games)

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.