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Valorant: Sova bug let's him soar through maps with his Recon Bolt

Scouting taken to another level.

In perhaps one of the most hilarious bugs we've seen in Valorant, Sova mains have discovered an issue with the Agent's Recon Bolt, as they can propel the Initiator flying across entire maps.

The bug was initially discovered on 7th July, with hundreds of players taking to social media to share their experiences with amusing flying Sovas on their Valorant matches.

This issue comes right after patch 3.01 dropped, which ironically, was aimed at "bug fixing" according to Riot Games.

Sova arrow bug - How to fix

sova arrow bug
(Picture: Riot Games)

As of the time of writing, Riot Games has yet to acknowledge the bug and thus is still live on the game.

The devs work very swiftly when it comes to potentially game-breaking bugs so rest assured it won't take long for Riot to patch out flying Sovas out of your ranked games.


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