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Valorant patch 3.01 fixes text chat colours abuse and several Agents bugs

Riot has released the first patch following the huge 3.0 update, with a focus on fixing bugs and removing some newly-created issues.
Valorant patch 3.01 fixes text chat colours abuse and several Agents bugs

Valorant has just received its first update following the release of Episode 3 Act 1.

Valorant patch 3.01 is a minor update, which primarily serves to fix several annoying issues and bugs which were introduced with patch 3.0.

As Riot developers explain: "Patch 3.0 was like an oversized meal, where now we sit and let the food settle."

Valorant 3.01 full patch notes sage barrier orb bug
(Picture: Riot Games)

The patch fixes several weird Agents bugs, including the one where Sage was able to place Barrier Orb on projectiles while they're in the air.

The 3.01 patch will also fix a few problems with the new progression system, including a bug that had players stuck at level 7.

Probably the most important improvement is a change to text chat colours, as previously players were able to abuse certain colours and impersonate system messages, which could have been both confusing and potentially dangerous in terms of players' safety and privacy protection.

Valorant 3.01 full patch notes

Valorant 3.01 full patch notes Sova Recon Bolt bug fix
(Picture: Riot Games)


  • Sage’s can no longer place Barrier Orb on some projectiles while they’re in the air
  • Fixed bug where Skye was able to activate the flash of Guiding Light while suppressed
  • Fixed the ability to heal KAY/O while downed in NULL/CMD
  • Fixed Sova’s Recon Bolt projectile from looking deployed for enemies when flying through the air


  • Fixed a bug where you were able to abuse text chat colors to impersonate system messages
  • Fixed a bug where the invite button UI overlapped with Defender Coach UI in Custom Games
  • Fixed bug where names were appearing as question marks if you had the “Use Generic Names for Players Outside my Party” setting turned on


  • Fixed alignment issues in Observer view
  • Fixed Account Leveling issue where some of you got a lower level than intended
  • If impacted, you will receive your correct Account Level and will keep the AP gained while playing at the incorrect level.
  • Fixed visual issues affecting Account Leveling at the End of Game screen