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Valorant Unlocked wwFest music event: Schedule, how to watch, artists, more

As a part of the Year 1 celebration, the wwFest Valorant music festival is back for the second time this year. Here's how you can watch the event, what artists will perform, and more.
Valorant Unlocked wwFest music event: Schedule, how to watch, artists, more

Riot Games and Amazon’s Crown Channel are teaming up once more to bring you the second edition of the wwFest event - Valorant wwFest Unlocked.

Valorant wwFest Unlocked is one of many planned festivities during the month-long Valorant YR1 event, which celebrates the first birthday of Riot's popular tactical first-person shooter.

The event will bring artist from all around the world to perform for the Valorant fans, both big stars and underground talents.

If you miss music festivals (hopefully they will soon return) then Valorant wwFest Unlocked might be something you will enjoy, so be sure to tune in! 

Here's everything you should know about the event.

wwFest Valorant Unlocked main acts

wwFest Valorant Unlocked main acts schedule(Picture: Riot Games/Crown)

The main star of the event is Gryffin, a renowned house DJ whose first studio album "Gravity" peaked at number one on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic albums chart in 2019.

Other artists include Aluna, Justin Oh, Imanbek, Unknown Brain, and Boombox Cartel, as well as a "special guest", who will be kept secret as a surprise until the start of the event. 
Each of these musicians will be assigned one of the Valorant's agents, and the idea is that their music represents those agents and their uniqueness.

After each music performance, a group of young underground artists will take the stage to showcase their talents and skills.

When is Valorant Unlocked wwFest: Schedule

Valorant Unlocked wwFest Schedule and stream(Picture: Riot Games/Crown)

The festival is set to take place on 25th June, starting from 6 pm CEST / 5 pm BST / 12 pm EST / 9 am PST.

Below you can see the complete schedule:

Juston Oh 6 pm 5 pm 12 pm 9 am
Imanbek 7 pm 6 pm 1 pm 10 am
Uknown Brain 8 pm 7 pm 2 pm 11 am
Boombox Cartel 9 pm 8 pm 3 pm 12 am
Aluna 10 pm 9 pm 4 pm 1 pm
Gryffin 11 pm 10 pm 5 pm 2 pm


How to watch Valorant Unlocked wwFest: Stream

The wwFest Valorant Unlocked music event will be broadcasted live on the official Crown Twitch channel, as well as the Crown YouTube channel.