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Valorant v2.0 pre-patch notes: Brimstone buff, Classic and Omen nerf, new agent Yoru

Episode 2 of Valorant is less than a week away, and the new season comes with a rebalanced roster. Omen and Brimstone are both getting tweaks, and the infamous triple-shot of the Classic is getting nerfed hard.
Valorant v2.0 pre-patch notes: Brimstone buff, Classic and Omen nerf, new agent Yoru

As expected, Episode 2 of Valorant will bring a handful of balance changes to even out the metagame in anticipation of newest Agent Yoru entering the game on 12th January.

The changes include a solid nerf to Omen’s signature Dark Cover smoke grenade and a price increase on his Paranoia flashbang. Conversely, Brimstone will receive significant buffs to his Sky Smokes, Stim Beacon, and Incendiary grenade.

Lastly, the recoil of the Classic’s alternate fire will be greatly increased, making it harder to spam in tight situations. 

Valorant v2.0 patch notes omen nerf
Omen has been all-powerful in the recent meta. (Picture: Riot Games) 

Episode 2 (v2.0) pre-patch notes

14th Agent Yoru

Valorant v2.0 patch notes yoru
(Picture: Riot Games)

The biggest metagame shakeup for Episode 2 will be the release of Yoru. The Japanese duelist sports a toolkit based on deception. He can create fake footsteps to psych out the enemy and even go completely invisible for an extended period of time. Valorant’s first Japanese character will ring in a new season of tactical FPS action.

Omen nerf

  • Dark Cover smoke speed reduced from 4000 to 2800
  • Paranoia flashbang price increased from $200 to $400

Brimstone buff

Brimstone buff

  • Sky Smoke cast range increased from 4200 to 5000
  • Sky Smoke duration increased from 14.25 seconds to 19.25
  • Incendiary grenade price reduced from $300 to $200
  • Stim Beacon now uses quickcast, equip animation removed

Omen has been a popular pick in competitive play, being picked up for almost every single match in the North American First Strike tournament. The same can’t be said for Brimstone, who featured in only 2% of games. These pick rates are reflected in pub matchmaking. Riot hopes to reverse that trend with these Brimstone's buffs.