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Valorant v2.09 patch notes: Release date and time, Replication, bug fixes and more

What you need to know about the Valorant v2.09 update, including the patch notes, the release date and time, Replication mode, bug fixes and more.
Valorant v2.09 patch notes: Release date and time, Replication, bug fixes and more

The previous Valorant update (v2.08) ushered in Episode 2 Act 3, and now, Riot Games is unleashing the Valorant v2.09 update, headlined by a brand-new game mode called Replication. Here's everything you need to know about Valorant v2.09, including the full patch notes, bug fixes, the new game mode and more. Let's kick things off with the expected release time and date for Valorant v2.09.

Valorant v2.09 release date and time

The Valorant v2.09 update has an expected release date of 11th May 2021. At the time of writing, neither the release date nor the time has been officially confirmed by Riot Games.

Taking past updates into consideration, the Valorant v2.09 update release time is roughly 16:00 GMT.

We will update you with the file size as well as the exact release time for the latest Valorant update as soon as Riot officially confirms the details.

Replication mode

The Replication mode releasing with the Valorant v2.09 update seems to be a very chaotic one, as all players will jump in the boots of the same Agent.

Inspired by League of Legend's One-For-All mode, a pre-match vote determines which Agent is selected for the match.

Valorant v2.09 update patch notes release date time replication mode bug fixes changes(Picture: Riot Games)

Once this voting process is done, the match will start with everyone having their abilities, minus the Ultimate. On top of this, the credits earned per round are on a fixed scale, whether you win or lose, going from 900 all the way to 6,000.

Unlike the regular first-to-13 Valorant matches, this will be a best-of-nine affair, ensuring a fast-paced mode.

The Replication mode will be around for two weeks (until the next Valorant update drops). During this two-week period, Replication will replace Escalation.

Viper nerf

Viper nerf Valorant v2.09
(Picture: Riot Games)

From the bottom of the barrel to top-tier pick, Viper's journey has been a rollercoaster, now an extremely powerful Agent and an ever-present across all ELOs, it appears the developers feel it's gone too far as she is the subject to a small nerf in v14.60.

The nerf will affect her Toxin passive, no when you enter her smoke or cross her walls the instant decay will be reduced from 50 HP to 30 HP.

Breeze changes

Valorant breeze v2.09
(Picture: Riot Games)

No surprise here, every new map sees some tweaks after launch, helped by the thousands of matches played after its launch.

It is just two small changes but it should help improve playability, they are:

  • Blocked vision of the gaps above Mid-Wood Doors and A Metal Doors
  • Smoothed player collision in various locations

There are a number of other quality of life and bug fixes that have made it into the patch, for a more detailed look check out the full patch notes on the official Valorant website.