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VCT Challengers, GC, Premier EMEA & VRCS 2025 Changes & Championship Points Introduction

New changes are coming to EMEA Challengers, Game Changers, Premier & VRCs.
VCT Challengers, GC, Premier EMEA & VRCS 2025 Changes & Championship Points Introduction
Picture: Riot Games

Riot has recently announced multiple new changes for Challengers, Premier, and Game Changers for the year 2025. To accomodate those changes, VCT EMEA will undergo an overhaul in terms of format while introducing GC and Premier teams along with Championship Points.

Every New Change Coming To VCT EMEA Challengers, Premier, and GC In 2025

New Challengers EMEA Structure

Next year, VALORANT Challengers in EMEA will adopt a new Three-Stage structure, with each stage split into two parts. Teams will first compete in regular league play, and the top two teams from each league will advance to a new tournament, Challengers EMEA, to compete regionally at the end of each stage.

This new format aims to enhance player development and provide fans with more high-level competition. Due to ping differences, MENA teams will only join the Challengers EMEA tournament in Stage 3, with separate Playoff tournaments in Stages 1 and 2. 

Introduction of Championship Points For Ascension Qualification

In 2025, VALORANT Challengers will use a points-based system to determine which teams qualify for VALORANT Ascension, offering them a chance to advance to VCT EMEA. Teams will earn points based on their performance throughout the season. More details about Championship Points and Ascension will be shared later in the year.

Italy and Portugal Join Challengers Spain

As part of the changes to VALORANT Challengers, Italy and Portugal will join Challengers Spain: Rising. Players from Italy and Portugal will not be considered imports to ensure the best Path to Pro. This alignment will also match each Challengers League in EMEA with its respective Premier Zone for better connectivity.

In 2025, Challengers Spain will feature eight teams, selected as follows:

  • Top four teams from Challengers Spain: Rising (based on 2024 points)
  • Top team from Challengers Italy: Rinascimento
  • Top team from Challengers Portugal: Tempest
  • One Wildcard spot
  • Winner of a Qualifying Tournament

The Wildcard spot will go to a team meeting criteria such as stability and ecosystem impact. The Qualifying Tournament will be open to all remaining teams from the three current leagues, with further details to be shared soon.

VRCs Will Be Continued


Premier will continue as the preferred Path to Pro in the EMEA region in 2025, following its 2024 introduction. However, VRCs will still play a crucial role in fostering competition and will allow teams to qualify for promotion/relegation tournaments. Teams will be able to compete in both Premier and VRC throughout the year.

Express Lane Mechanic For GC

A new 'Express Lane Mechanic' will be introduced, enabling Game Changers teams to participate in Challengers League Open Qualifiers without missing overlapping Game Changers events. This change aims to provide more opportunities for marginalized gendders in Valorant Esports, support the growth of the Game Changers scene, and encourage more teams to compete for Challengers League spots.

Challengers Stage 3

New tournaments will be introduced in Stage 3 right after the Ascension and Riot will share more details about it later.