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Raze voice actress rocks Halloween cosplay inspired by Agent

Carolina Ravassa, who voices Raze, rocked a Halloween costume inspired by Valorant's most explosive Agent.
Raze voice actress rocks Halloween cosplay inspired by Agent

Deciding what you plan to go as for Halloween is often more humdrum than it initially sounds.

Usually you have a lot of grand ideas in the weeks leading up to it, before jacking it all in on the night and "ironically" dressing up as some semi-topical reference, cue you making a fool of yourself as you take far too much pleasure and pride telling people you came to the party as "Trump's covid plan" and when asked to elaborate you say you came as "nothing". 

Well maybe that is just me.

But imagine how much cooler it would be if you could dress up as a character that you had hand in bringing to life. That is the very cool opportunity that voice actress Carolina Ravassa had this Halloween as she rocked a costume inspired by Valorant's Brazillian-born explosive expert - Raze.

Carolina Ravassa raze agent cosplay halloween
(Picture: Carolina Ravassa / Riot Games)

Sporting a slightly lower-key version of Raze's militiristic fatigues, Ravassa donned a backwards cap, cargo pants, and even has the Agent's Showstopper rocket launcher perched on her arm.

And what arms they are! Ravassa clearly did not just voice the character with the actress also looking as athletic and well-defined as Raze.

To capture the colour that Raze brings, Ravassa has paint splashed converse on her feet and to top it all off her top features the Showstopper symbol on the back.

Raze showstopper Ravassa cosplay
(Picture: Carolina Ravassa)

Ravassa also opted for a lemon in place of Raze's Paint Shells, a weapon that before its nerf ironically left a sour taste in many's mouth.

Thankfully, Riot Games responded to player criticism and Raze now sits in a good place in Valorant's meta.

Ravassa needn't have to pick Raze either, the Colombian actress also voiced Sombra from Overwatch but after the year Valorant has had there was only ever really going to be one choice for this Halloween.

As Raze would say:

"Here comes the party!” 


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