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Watch Red Bull freerunner Krystian Kowalewski bringing Valorant's Jett to life

Red Bull has shared a new video featuring Krystian Kowalewski, a freerunning athlete from Poland, emulating Jett's swift movement through the streets and rooftops of Berlin.
Watch Red Bull freerunner Krystian Kowalewski bringing Valorant's Jett to life

With her unparalleled mobility skills, Valorant agent Jett is by far one of the fastest and most agile agents in the game.

Her ability to flash across the map is unmatched in Valorant, and yet, Krystian Kowalewski has decided to show that nothing is impossible, even in real life.

Kowalewski is a Polish free runner who has just won the Red Bull Art of Motion. Established in 2007, it's one of the most prestigious parkour and freerunning competitions in the world.

Red Bull freerunner Krystian Kowalewski jett valorant
Jett is Krystian's favourite Valorant character (Picture: Red Bull)

As a way to celebrate the victory, Krystian and Red Bull have joined forces in creating a unique video to showcase Kowalewski's incredible skills, strength, and dexterity, and the theme of the video is Valorant and the importance of mobility.

The video, named "Adrenaline Spike", sees how Kowalewski "gracefully moves through a blend of Berlin and the virtual world of Valorant" with the goal of finding the fastest route possible in an effort to deactivate the Spike.

The video showcases similarities of movements and techniques shared by freerunners and Valorant agents, particularly the updrafting Jett.

"Blending Valorant and freerunning, reality and virtual reality looks pretty sick," Kowalewski stated. "There are also some elements of movement in Valorant, such as stutter jumps, wall running and jumping, which are real freerunning movements. Overall, in both Valorant and freerunning your reaction time has to be on point. If you mess something up, you have to react very very quickly!"

The video has been released ahead of the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final, which is set to take place this weekend, the 17th and 18th of July, in Madrid. The final event features 12 of the best Valorants student teams, out of over 25,000 students from over 50 countries who were participating in the competition throughout the year.

There's a lot at stake, as the event boasts a €20,000 prize pool and a unique chance for the best team to secure their spot at the Valorant Masters.

If you are interested, you can watch the event live on the official Red Bull Twitch channel.