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Woman Allegedly Kills Sister For Flirting With Boyfriend In Valorant

A young Floridian woman has been accused of stabbing her sister to death over a long-distance relationship with a man met in Valorant.
Woman Allegedly Kills Sister For Flirting With Boyfriend In Valorant

Fatiha Marzan, 21, is a young Floridian woman accused of the murder of her younger sister, Sayma Marzan, 20, during the early hours of September 26, according to an arrest affidavit provided by

Fatiha allegedly confessed to Orange County Sherriff investigators that she committed the murder using a "dagger-style knife." Authorities claim that Fatiha had supposedly been planning this attack for a fortnight after she grew suspicious that her online boyfriend (met in the popular futuristic game Valorant) had confessed his love to Sayma. 

Woman Allegedly Kills Sister For Flirting With Boyfriend In Valorant

The online sci-fi game Valorant comes with multiplayer and voice chat (Picture: Riot Games)

At approximately 7:30 pm on September 26, the local authorities received a distressing call pertaining to "aggravated battery via knife." Dispatched less than twenty minutes later, the police arrived on the scene to discover Sayma already dead. 

When questioned, Fatiha explained that her motives were based on jealousy. She had apparently developed an online relationship through the popular online video game Valorant. The title, developed by Riot Games, offers a voice chat feature that Fatiha and her boyfriend had used to develop their relationship for approximately "five years."

"Multiple witness interviews" claim that Fatiha had grown jealous of her sister's flirtatious behavior with her long-distance boyfriend and conspired to kill her. 

According to investigators, Fatiha stated that her sister "never respected [her] feelings" and "had been trying to steal her boyfriend for the past year." The two shared a bedroom, and it has been made apparent that Sayma would often talk with Fatiha's boyfriend on multiple occasions while the two were in the same room. 

Response To The Murder

valorant Agent
Valorant still has a thriving community with tons of concurrent players and esports tournaments (Picture: Riot Games)

The Valorant community is already well-aware of the implications this alleged murder has for their game. The community already has a popular e-dating scene with regard to various Discord servers, and this recent criminal activity is not shining the greatest light on these. 

Popular Valorant content creator "WestJett" was quick to tweet that "Valorant edating has gone too far."

As for Fatiha, jail records indicate that she was booked into the Orange County Corrections Department on September 27 and has been charged with first-degree murder with a weapon. She has since entered a written plea of not guilty. 

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Featured image via Orange County Sheriff's Office.