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Yoru rework might not arrive until Episode 4 Act 2

The Japanese duelist, Yoru, is due for a makeover and the Valorant devs have given hope to those eagerly awaiting one.
Yoru rework might not arrive until Episode 4 Act 2

As metas develop, balance changes take place, and new Agents are released, some rise to become the cream of the crop while others fall by the wayside -- the latter is Yoru's case in Valorant.

Released in January 2021, the Japanese duelist Agent has had a lukewarm impact in Valorant to put it lightly. On paper, he has a very creative kit based on deception and playing aggressively with his teleporter, fake footsteps, and flashes to gain easy access to sites.

Sadly, execution-wise, Yoru is simply ill-equipped to compete with other duelists that have far easier to grasp kits and are more efficient at filling the role he's supposed to have in the game.

For months, Yoru enthusiasts have been holding their breath after Riot Games confirmed a complete rework was scheduled to try and revitalise the Agent, even going as far as sharing details of the overhaul, missing one key detail, however -- when is the rework going live? 

When is the Yoru rework releasing?

Yoru buffs incoming
The Yoru rework is slowly approaching. (Picture: Riot Games)

During the 10th January developer stream, agent designer Ryan Cousart confirmed the Yoru rework is going extremely well, with the dev team excited for the changes after internal playtesting.

Later, Twitter account ValorLeaks mentioned that Riot is targetting patch v4.03 as the possible debut of Yoru 2.0.

Patch v4.0 is releasing on 11th January, bringing the game's 18th Agent, Neon, into the game, as well as some exciting map changes, particularly to Breeze and Bind to kick off Episode 4 Act 1.

A Reddit user did the math based on Riot's patch release dates and determined that we can expect patch v4.03 to drop around early February. Despite this, a dev responded to the thread explaining that such a date is an "aspirational" one, and fans should expect the new Yoru abilities to come with the start of Episode 4 Act 2 alongside patch v4.04.

"There's a very good chance that this pushes out another patch to 4.04, pending on bugs/clarity/prioritization. In general, we like to lean towards transparency when we can, but that also can generate additional confusion or frustration when those timelines don't pan out like we'd hoped," Coleman "Altrombre" Palm wrote.

Will yoru be top-tier after the rework
Will Yoru be top-tier after the rework? (Picture: Riot Games)

We don't fully know what the entire rework has in store for Valorant fans other than both Fakeout and Gatecrash receiving huge buffs that will make them more valuable for the duelist moving forward.


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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.