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Age Of Empires 5 - Release Date, Gameplay, Leaks, More

Age of Empires 4 was released in 2021, but is it too soon to start thinking about Age of Empires 5? We don't think so!
Age Of Empires 5 - Release Date, Gameplay, Leaks, More

Age of Empires is one of the most long-standing franchises of all time. The first game was released way back in October 1997, and the most recent entry, Age of Empire 4, was released in October 2021. Needless to say, the game certainly has some staying power. 

Now that it's been a year since Age of Empires 4 was released, the question on every RTS fan's lips is, "when will Age of Empires 5 come out?" This article will cover speculative release dates for Age of Empires 5, as well as new content that might be coming to the game. 

Age Of Empires 5 Release Date

Age of Empires
Between 1997 and 2022, Age of Empires has released 36 forms of content be it new games, DLC, remakes, and more! (Picture: Ensemble Studios)

There is no confirmed Age of Empires 5 release date at this time. Despite the first and second games coming out within two years, it would take another six years for the third to come out and then a further 16 years for the fourth game to release. 

That said, it is not like Age of Empires has been a dormant franchise between its mainline releases. In fact, Age of Empires has released a new game, spinoff, DLC, or a definitive edition of a previous title almost every year since 1997.

For that reason, it isn't too crazy to expect the next Age of Empires game within a year or two. Considering the developers are still releasing DLC for previous titles as of 2022, and the shortest time between mainline entries we have ever seen has been at least two years, it is likely Age of Empires 5 will not be coming before 2023.

However, it is pretty optimistic to expect a two-year wait for Age of Empires 5, considering this has only happened once very early on in the franchise's lifespan. Development times have increased tenfold since then, and we don't expect to see any news of Age of Empires 5 until at least 2024

Age Of Empires 5 Gameplay

Age of Empires 4
More historical battles? We can't wait! (Picture: Ensemble Studios)

We still don't have any idea what the fifth Age of Empires game would look like, but it is always fun to speculate. Ideally, the newest Age of Empires game would take us through an entirely different period of history, unlike anything seen before.

We've already experienced great battles throughout history, including the Norman conquest of England, The Hundred Years War, and the expansion of the Mongol Empire. It would be great if Age of Empires V picked out some more key historical moments for players to experience. 

Age Of Empires 5 Leaks & Rumors

Age of Empires
Age of Empires 5 might be right around the corner (Picture: Ensemble Studios)

There are no Age of Empires 5 leaks or rumors at this time. Presumably, everybody is still too busy playing Age of Empires 4! We will endeavor to keep this article updated with new information surrounding the Age of Empires V.

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Featured image courtesy of Ensemble Studios.