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AOE 4: Will it be coming to PlayStation 4 and 5?

Age of Empires 4 has been enjoying a successful release yet many are wondering if a console port is on the cards.
AOE 4: Will it be coming to PlayStation 4 and 5?

Age of Empire 4 has enjoyed a successful launch, building on top of a well-established reputation dating back to 1997, the developers have created a deep and compelling game that is familiar to casual and veteran players.

The real-time strategy (RTS) genre largely depends on precision aim and, in that regard, Age of Empires has always been best enjoyed as a PC-only experience.

However, that hasn't stopped many wondering whether the game will be arriving on consoles, particularly PlayStation 4 and 5?

Will Age of Empires 4 come to PlayStation consoles?

age of empires 4 settlement historical setting playstation console port
Age of Empires 4 players are wondering if there are plans to bring the game to PlayStation consoles. (Picture: Xbox Game Studios)

Ahead of the game's launch, there have been no confirmed plans by developers Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge to bring the RTS game to the PlayStation platform. This is likely the result of the game's exclusivity to the Microsoft/Xbox brand that a PlayStation release wasn't planned.

What is more surprising is that Age of Empires 4 isn't currently available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and, at the moment, it doesn't appear that there are plans to bring the game to the consoles.

However, that hasn't stopped people asking and the dev team has now responded.

AoE devs respond to possible console port plans

While the developers haven’t outright confirmed rumours of a console port, there is a glimmer of hope.

In an interview with Multiplayer.It, World’s Edge Creative Director Adam Isgreen commented on the possibility of bringing Age of Empires 4 to console.

“We are thinking of you. As soon as we're done managing the launch of the game on PC, we'll start thinking about how to make it work on consoles. We don't have any definitive plans yet, but it's now that we're going to really start thinking about it”

age of empires 4 prepape for battle historical setting
Age of Empires 4 developers are reported to be considering a console port of the game. (Picture: Xbox Game Studios)

Age of Empires 4 is available on PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam. The game is also available to players through Xbox Game Pass for PC as well as the Xbox Cloud Gaming initiative.


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Featured image courtesy of Xbox Game Studios.