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All Metal Hellsinger Trophies & Achievements - How To Earn

Here is a complete list of all Metal: Hellsinger trophies on PlayStation or achievements on Xbox or PC for players to earn.
All Metal Hellsinger Trophies & Achievements - How To Earn

Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythm-based FPS where you shoot and slice unsavory demons and vibe to some ferocious metal tracks. Like most rhythm games, Metal: Hellsinger is a challenging experience, and players would have to strike a balance between dodging enemy attacks and timing their attacks, both of which should be in sync with the blastic music.

Completionists, in particular, should strive to get better since most of the achievements and trophies are skill-based objectives rather than mindless collectibles and busy work.

Speaking of which, this article contains the list of all the achievements and trophies for Metal: Hellsinger and the requirements to complete them. 

All Metal Hellsinger Trophies & Achievements

metal hellsinger achievements & trophies
There are a total of 28 achievements and 29 trophies in Metal: Hellsinger. (Picture: The Outsiders)

There are a total of 28 achievements in Metal: Hellsinger, which amounts to 1,000 Gamerscore. As for PS4 and PS5 users, there are a total of 28 trophies and an extra Platinum trophy for acquiring all the other ones. 

In this article, we have listed the Metal: Hellsinger trophies for PlayStation devices, though the objectives for completing achievements are also the same.

Metal: Hellsinger Platinum Trophy

  • Trophies Are a Girl's Best Friend -Complete all Trophies


Metal: Hellsinger Gold Trophies 

metal hellsinger achievements & trophies
Most Metal: Hellsinger trophies have skill based objectives rather than mindless collectibles. (Picture: The Outsiders)
  • When She Falleth - Destroyed the Red Judge
  • This Pounding Heart III - Reached Hit Streak: 35
  • This Pounding Heart IV - Reached Hit Streak: 50
  • The Empress - Killed 25 enemies while maintaining a Hit Streak
  • Raining Blood - Killed two Seraphs in one attack
  • Pazifist - Cleared a Hell using only Paz
  • Metal: Hellsinger Silver Trophies
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls - Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Archeron
  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Nihil
  • This Pounding Heart II - Reached Hit Streak: 20
  • Heavy Metal is the Law - Completed a Torment
  • Three of Pentacles - Achieved the top result in a Torment
  • Queen of the Underworld - Killed 50 Behemoths
  • No Rest for the Wicked - Completed all Torments
  • Kill Your Demons - Multi-killed 2 enemies
  • Not Shaken, Nor Stirred - Never hit off-beat in a Hell
  • The Ferrywoman - Killed 8 enemies in 4 seconds
  • The Sword is Sharper - Killed a Judge's Aspect with Terminus

Metall: Hellsinger Bronze Trophies

  • Breaking the Law - Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Voke
  • Dead and Buried - Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Gehenna
  • Rise, Rebel, Resist - Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Incaustis
  • Smoke on the Water - Destroyed the Red Judge 
  • If I Can Make It Here - Destroyed the Red Judge aspect in Stygia
  • This Pounding Heart - Reached Hit Streak: 10
  • Soaring in the Deep - Soared (Dash + Jump) 100 times
  • Piece of My Heart - Died in a Chaos Crystal explosion
  • Highways to Hell - Got 666 kills (game total)
  • Material Girl - Obtained all weapons
  • Who Wants to Live Forever - Died 20 times

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And that's all the achievements and trophies in Metal: Hellsinger and how you can complete them.

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Featured image courtesy of The Outsiders.