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Is Metal Hellsinger On Xbox Game Pass?

Fans from across the globe are wondering if the latest shooter by The Outsiders, Metal: Hellsinger, is available on Xbox Game Pass.
Is Metal Hellsinger On Xbox Game Pass?

Metal: Hellsinger is the latest first-person shooter game from developer The Outsiders. Set against the backdrop of the murky depths of hell, Metal: Hellsinger sees players waging war against the Red Judge to get their voices back as they command the titular Unknown throughout these treacherous lands. 

The game has an interesting hook in that it combines the time-sensitive button presses of rhythm-based action games with the fast-paced combat loop of arena-shooters, which makes it stand out from the rest of the pack. Naturally, many fans would want to try out the game on a subscription service like Xbox Game Pass before a full purchase. 

Metal: Hellsinger Xbox Game Pass Availability

Metal Hellsinger xbox game pass series x one PC playstation available
Metal: Hellsinger is available for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers starting September 15th (Picture: The Outsiders)

Metal: Hellsinger is available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers on both PC and console platforms at no added costs.

The game will be available at launch, and players can start blasting through hordes of hellhounds while banging their heads to the tune of awesome metal music starting from September 15th.

Fans over on PlayStation will, however, have to pay the complete retail price for the game. 

Metal: Hellsinger features a soundtrack that’s entirely composed of metal music made in collaboration with prominent musicians from bands like System of a Down, Arch Enemy, and Lamb of God, just to name a few.

Metal Hellsinger xbox game pass series x one PC playstation available
If you’re going through hell, keep going (Picture: The Outsiders)

Reviews for Metal: Hellsinger have been published by various media outlets, which paints a promising picture for anyone even passingly interested in the game. Metal: Hellsinger currently stands at a rating of 79 on Metacritic. 

The game’s official account also tweeted out a picture highlighting its many accolades. 

So there you have it, Metal: Hellsinger is definitely on Xbox Game Pass and will be available to play starting 15th September 2022.

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Featured image courtesy of The Outsiders