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Are Gacha Games illegal?

Here's everything you need to know about whether or not Gacha games are illegal and the surrounding legislation.
Are Gacha Games illegal?

Gacha games have been a controversial news topic over the past few years as they are seen as a predatory and dangerous type of video game and feature, especially to young and susceptible audiences. But what are Gacha games, and what actions have the governments of different countries taken to regulate these types of games?

Well, that's what we plan on covering today, as we take a more detailed look at Gacha games in general. And look at the consensus on whether or not Gacha games are illegal, and if they should be illegal as the gaming industry moves forward.

Are Gacha Games Illegal?

Are Gacha Games illegal gacha games are games that use gambling aspects
Gacha games are video games that use any form of gambling mechanics and real world currency, such as lootboxes random rewards for money. (Picture: Twitter / OzWineGuy)

Gacha games are video games that implement a Gacha (Japanese term for toy vending machine) mechanic in some way. From loot boxes to purchasing random items for gems in exchange for real-world currencies etc.

This mechanic has been widely looked down upon as it is essentially a glorified form of gambling and can easily cause addiction and dangerous overspending. Gacha games have been outlawed in specific countries and are still being widely debated in others on how to go about regulating and limiting the possible dangers of Gacha game mechanics.

In regards to its legality, Gacha games or Gacha mechanics have been banned in some countries, such as Belgium and the Netherlands fully banning loot boxes and all their various forms from the country. Other countries such as Japan, South Korea, and China have all introduced rules around video game monetization such as Japan's widely reported ban on "kompu Gacha" systems.

These countries however did not take to fully banning loot boxes and random draws, instead, they went at it with a scalpel, removing specific features they found abusive and overly addictive. And based on what other countries have been discussing recently, it seems they would go this route as well.

So as it currently stands, Gacha games are only illegal in Belgium and the Netherlands, and in other places around the world, there are simply restrictions placed on the game in this respect. While in other countries, no action against the Gacha video game industry has been taken as of yet.

Are Gacha Games illegal they are outlawed in some countires
Gacha games are banned in two countries so far and legislations are being discussed in others. (Picture: Twitter / SarahJaneAFK)

This means that we will likely see more countries take one of the two courses of action described above and with the rising concern of players spending even more exorbitant amounts of money to purchase items in the game. It stands to reason that the laws will slowly but surely begin to get more stringent as the gaming industry moves forward.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.