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When Does Avowed Release?

If you are waiting for Avowed's release date, you can find the latest information about it here, along with details about its features.
When Does Avowed Release?

Avowed is one of many first-party games Xbox has in store for players and is also a brand new IP from Obsidian. If you are wondering when Avowed gets released or what's the release date, then you aren't the only one. The game was first announced during the July 2021 Xbox Games Showcase, and still, now we have heard very little about it.

The June 2022 Xbox Showcase will surely feature some kind of an update or news about Avowed, further boosting the hype among fans. In this article, we will talk about the Avowed release date and everything that you should know.

Avowed Release Date

Avowed is a new IP from Obsidian
Avowed is a new IP from Obsidian. (Picture: Obsidian)

Apart from a brief teaser trailer, that showed off some world and story elements along with a glimpse at players' powers which appear to be rune-based magic powers and sword combat. From the teaser, it also appeared that the game would be in a first-person title. The game would have RPG elements similar to Skyrim.

As for when the game will release, currently, there have been no official announcements regarding the Avowed release date and we also know nothing about the game's development. However, a new leak seems to suggest that Avowed could be released "around the holiday season this year."

Avowed leaks suggest a 2022 launch
Avowed leaks suggest a 2022 launch. (Picture: Obsidian)

A 4chan post by an anonymous user appears to claim that Avowed will get released sometime during the holiday season this year. From the post, it looks as if the person works for the studio as they sat that they are "pretty excited" for the game and that it will 5 years when Avowed gets released.

The individual further adds, "I warn you, the map will be a little bit smaller than Skyrim but it will have more dungeons, caves, and ruins to explore. There are even some underground cities." Skyrim's map was pretty huge and it wouldn't hurt if the developers shaved off a few square kilometers. It will be interesting to see what type of dungeons, caves, and ruins along with monsters, challenges, and more Avowed has for players.

While the leaker seems pretty confident, we would still advise taking all of this news with loads of salt. Game delays have become a normal affair in game development and numerous games suffer pushbacks. Without any official confirmation, it's better to wait for Obsidian to come out with some news themselves. That's everything we know about the Avowed release date for now.

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Featured image courtesy of Obsidian