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Halo Infinite dev review feedback after “bumpy” Season 2 launch

After launching Halo Infinite's Season 2 Lone Wolves update, 343 Industries face backlash over multiplayer changes and lacklustre content.
Halo Infinite dev review feedback after “bumpy” Season 2 launch

Halo Infinite's highly anticipated release of the Season 2 Lone Wolves update launched this month, despite a lengthy break between the previous season. Looking to build upon what was introduced in Season 1, developer 343 Industries had a massive mountain to climb to attract new and veteran players to the game.

In the lead up to the Season 2 launch, the developer addressed multiple bugs hampering the game to bring much-needed stability. Their attempts were thwarted as the Season 2 update proved to be another step backwards as a studio employee addressed player concerns on social media.

Halo Infinite Season 2 launch was "bumpy", the devs admit

Halo Infinite Season 2 Lone Wolves launched despite a decline in its player base since the beginning of the year. While 343 Industries had hoped that the Lone Wolves update release would mitigate many recurring issues, this was the opposite.

halo infinite season 2 lone wolves bumpy launch 343 industries player base decline
With the growing decline in its player base, 343 Industries hoped to regain its players with the Season 2 Lone Wolves update. (Picture: 343 Industries)

The Halo community was shocked at the changes implemented in the update, including various weapons like the Battle Rifle and the rollout of the free-for-all (FFA) challenges despite not having an FFA playlist available. While the grips continue to amount online, 343 Industries' Head of Creative Joseph Staten took to Twitter to address the multiple complaints and concerns directed at the studio.

Admittedly, he stated that the launch of the Lone Wolves update "has been bumpy ", which was the intended "goal", the developers are listening to player feedback and thus reviewing available options. He also stated that player concerns regarding "map jumps and speedrunning" are likely to be reviewed and addressed soon.

Furthermore, Staten added that the developers would be providing updates regarding these concerns soon, asking players to keep submitting their feedback. "I'm reading every single one of them on this thread. So please keep them constructive feedback coming," Staten tweeted.

As expected, Staten's tweets received dozens of comments and more than 6000 likes since it was posted, as players provided their concerns, criticisms and suggestions to improve the gameplay experience. While some have called on the developers to revert the changes rolled out in the update, other suggestions were more specific such as revamping game progression, gun jams and campaign expansion content.

halo infinite season 2 lone wolves bumpy launch 343 industries respond player feedback
Halo Infinite players have suggested various ways 343 Industries can improve the game, including game progression, DLC content and more. (PIcture: 343 Industries)

343 Industries do have their work cut out should they wish to regain players they've lost and earn the trust back from the community. This act of transparency between the studio and their community may be a good start in the right direction as a sign of faith and commitment to revamping the game.

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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.