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Back 4 Blood best and fastest way to farm Supply Points

What's the fastest way to farm Supply Points in Back 4 Blood is something you will want to learn immediately upon completing the campaign as Supply Points are one of the most important resources in the game. This Back 4 Blood Supply Points farming guide will explain the best method step by step.
Back 4 Blood best and fastest way to farm Supply Points

Back 4 Blood Supply Points farming methods are naturally something many players are interested in learning about, as Supply Points are a key resource that you will use to unlock cards and cosmetics in the game through Supply Lines.

One of the key mechanics in Back 4 Blood is deck building, and the more cards you have unlocked, the more options and combinations you will have at your disposal.

There are currently 152 active cards in the game, and all of them require various amounts of Supply Points in order to unlock them by spending Supply Points on Supply Lines in the Fort Hope hub area

Back 4 Blood best and fastest way to farm Supply Points
Supply Points are used to unlock rewards from Supply Lines. (Picture: Turtle Rock Studios)

Cards can give you all kinds of bonuses, extra abilities, new equipment, and more, and as you unlock more of them, you will find many devastating decks that can wreak havoc, which will be especially important once you start playing on the hardest Nightmare difficulty.

But unlocking cards can be a painfully slow process and Supply Points gathering can feel like a tedious grindfest, and so, many players are wondering if there's a quicker way to get Supply Points.

Luckily, players have already discovered some really effective methods for obtaining Supply Points quickly and here we will present you the best way to farm Supply Points fast.

How to quickly farm Supply Points in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood best and fastest way to farm Supply Points
Unlocking Cards is vital for making better decks. (Picture: Turtle Rock Studios)

YouTuber PNDK&M has discovered one of the most efficient Supply Points farming methods in Back 4 Blood we've seen so far.

His strategy is extremely quick and it gives a great number of Supply Points for the time you invest in it. This method gets you 52 Supply Points for just a minute of gameplay!

Given that most Supply Lines require around ~300 points to unlock everything in them, you can understand why we consider this Supply Points farming strategy to be the best one.

So, how exactly it works? The mission he has chosen to farm for this purpose is called Heralds of the Worm Part 1, near the end of Act 2 in the Back 4 Blood campaign.

In order to get 52 Supply Points you will need to play this mission on the Veteran difficulty setting, and the basic premise is to kill the ogre and special infected in this mission as fast as possible and collect your rewards.

Back 4 Blood best and fastest way to farm Supply Points
The Heralds of the Worm Part 1 missions is the best place to farm Supply Points quickly. (Picture: Turtle Rock Studios)

Of course, this is normally not that easy, but the big Ogre is really vulnerable to explosives and that's why you tailor builds of players on a team towards the explosives so that you can literally melt the Ogre in mere seconds.

This is best done with four real players using the exact same build, but PNDK&M demonstrated that it can be done efficiently with one bot and three players as well.

So, what deck they are using for this farming to be as efficient as shown in the video? Below you will see the full decklist they are using to farm Supply Points:

  • Demolitions Expert
  • Improvised Explosives
  • Bomb Squad
  • Grenade Training
  • Double Grenade Pouch
  • Surplus Pouches
  • Glass Cannon
  • Evasive Action
  • Olympic Sprinter
  • Superior Cardio
  • Fleet of Foot
  • Cross Trainers
  • Energy Drink
  • Dash

As we've already mentioned, the Ogre, which is supposed to be the strong and tough boss to fight in this mission, is actually really weak to explosives and that's why you want to pack as many grenades as possible with you, and you also want to maximise your explosive damage.

Once the Ogre appears, just shower him with a rain of grenades and he will fall before even coming near you.

Back 4 Blood best and fastest way to farm Supply Points
The poor Ogre will die from grenades almost instantly. (Picture: Turtle Rock Studios)

The second part of the build focuses on improving your stamina, as you will want to run through the level towards the safe room as quickly as possible. You will encounter a few special infected on your way to the safe room, but they should not be hard to deal with, just be careful, learn all their positions, and you will never make a mistake.

If everything is done correctly, all players will be in the safe room after around a minute since the mission has started, with 52 Supply Points in their pockets. Once completed, you can repeat this run endlessly and farm Supply Point in the most efficient way possible.


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Featured image courtesy of Turtle Rock.