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Back 4 Blood cross-play: Is there cross-platform support?

Is there cross-play support for Back 4 Blood? Here's everything we know about cross-platform multiplayer in Back 4 Blood, both during the open beta and when the game releases.
Back 4 Blood cross-play: Is there cross-platform support?

Back 4 Blood is entering its first open beta, and players can't wait to finally try the latest horror experience from the renowned developer, Turtle Rock Studios, known previously for the Left 4 Dead series.

There is a lot of interest in the game, and we expect to see a huge amount of players during the open beta, as there is currently a gap in the genre of co-op horrors.

Given that the game is multiplayer-only and a co-op experience first and foremost, the longevity and success of the game will depend on the number of active players on all platforms.

But, because players will play the game on several different platforms (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC), many of them are naturally interested to find out if the game will support cross-play.

If you play on PC, but your friends have bought the game for the PS4 and Xbox Series X, can you all play together? Let's find out.

Does Back 4 Blood have cross-platform support?

back 4 blood crossplatform cross-play support
(Picture: Turtle Rock Studios)

The core Back 4 Blood experience is a cooperative one, for that reason, it is beneficial both for players and developers for the game to support crossplay.

The official Back 4 Blood website currently doesn't mention anything related to cross-platform, which has left many players worried that the game will not support cross-play.

Fortunately, that is not the case. WB Games customer support has confirmed that the game will feature cross-platform play, both during the open beta and once the game fully launches in October.

The open beta will have both cross-gen and cross-play support, which means that you can play on your PC, while your friends are, for example, playing on the Xbox One and PS5.

The cross-gen and cross-play are supported both for the premade parties and for playing online against other random players that are not your friends.

back 4 blood crossplatform cross-play support
(Picture: Turtle Rock Studios)

At this moment, we can not confirm if there will be an option to opt-out from cross-play, but we know that Sony usually requires that cross-platform games on the company's consoles have that option, so you will probably be able to turn off cross-play on consoles if you don't want to play online against people from other platforms, but this is not confirmed.

When it comes to cross-progression and cross-commerce (using the same account on different platforms with all your progress carrying over), this is something that hasn't yet been confirmed nor talked about, but we will update the article once we have more information about these features.

Back 4 Blood will officially release on 12th October on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X /S and Steam (PC).