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Back 4 Blood release time: When is B4B out in your region?

What time does Back 4 Blood release is something fans of this co-op horror first-person shooter want to know in order to play the game as soon as possible. Here is the official release time confirmed by Turtle Rock Studios, the game's developers.
Back 4 Blood release time: When is B4B out in your region?

After several beta tests and a few delays, Back 4 Blood is finally getting released this week.

Created by Turtle Rock Studios, Back 4 Blood builds upon their formula of horror co-op shooters, which they introduced with the first Left 4 Dead game back in 2008.

The studio's first independently produced game, Evolve, was somewhat of a flop, but fans are hoping that they have learned from past mistakes and that Back 4 Blood will bring back that beloved magic the studio has created with Left 4 Dead.

If you want to start playing the game immediately upon the release, here's when exactly will the game become available in your region.

What time does Back 4 Blood release?

Back 4 Blood release time When is B4B out in your region
Back 4 Blood release times for regions around the world. (Picture: Turtle Rock Studios)

If you have preordered the Ultimate or Deluxe editions of the game, then you are probably already playing the game at this point, as those who have purchased these editions have four days of early access to Back 4 Blood as a part of their purchase.
This means that the game was available for your starting 8th October.

On the other hand, the full release of the game for everyone who purchases the standard edition of the game is set for Tuesday, 12th October.

The game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store).

The developers have released an official timetable of the game's release, for every major region of the world, so that you know exactly when can you start playing Back 4 Blood.

Based on the studio's Tweet above, here's a full breakdown of Back 4 Blood release time, per region:

  • New York – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am ET, Steam / EGS: 11 am ET.
  • Los Angeles – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am PT, Steam / EGS: 8 am am PT.
  • Montreal – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am EDT, Steam / EGS: 11 am EDT.
  • Mexico City – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am CDT, Steam / EGS: 10 am CDT.
  • Sao Paulo – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am BRT, Steam / EGS: 12 pm BRT.
  • London – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am BST, Steam / EGS: 4 pm BST.
  • Stockholm – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am CEST, Steam / EGS: 5 pm CEST.
  • Moscow – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am MSK, Steam / EGS: 6 pm MSK.
  • Berlin – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am CEST, Steam / EGS: 5 pm CEST.
  • Tokyo – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am JST, Steam / EGS: 12 am JST.
  • Seoul – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am KST, Steam / EGS: 12 am KST.
  • Hong Kong – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am HKT, Steam / EGS: 11 pm HKT.
  • Singapore – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am SGT, Steam / EGS: 11 pm SGT.
  • Sydney – Xbox / PlayStation: 12 am AEST, Steam / EGS: 1 am AEST.

And there you have it, the exact release time of Back 4 Blood for all major regions.


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Featured image courtesy of Turtle Rock.