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Best Beginner classes for Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Kick-start your journey among the Milky Way, learning about the best Beginner classes for Mass Effect Legendary Edition.
Best Beginner classes for Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect has become a cult franchise within the RPG genre since its initial release in 2007, so with the official release of its remastered trilogy Mass Effect: Legendary Edition this 14th May, hundreds of players will want to experiment with Commander Shepard, this battle for the survival of the Milky Way.

For many who are not familiar with this title, it can be somewhat difficult at first to choose any of the six main classes available due to their advantages and differences, so in this guide, we bring you tips to choose the best option and you can face the Reaper threat.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Soldier

This is the default class, being the best fitted for Shepard and also the easiest class to learn all about. The Soldiers are based on pure close combat, getting better offensive according to how you upgrade your weapons and armor.

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(Picture: BioWare)

This class also has some of the most balanced stats, having a good amount of health from the start of your journey and even some abilities that allow you to take down the enemies with its big range of options around the arsenal you can have on hand.

Advancing through Mass Effect 2 and 3, the potential of the Soldiers just goes way higher thanks to new tools, skills, and weapons you will find following your story.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Vanguard

This is considered by many as the best hybrid class, combining some of the combat skills of the Soldiers and the biotic upgrades of the Adepts. Its downside comes from the diversity of weapons as you can only use pistols and shotguns, although it is compensated by its massive strikes.

mass effect best beginner class
(Picture: BioWare)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Infiltrator

The Infiltrators combine some of the best abilities from an Engineer to control and manipulate machines, along with the use of sniper rifles that let you finish with the enemies around from a long distance.

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Many of the advantages around it comes from the specialized technology you can use to sneak around the area like the Tactical Cloak, making them stealth specialists in the game, and with a smaller quantity of combat skills to take care of, you can focus on building your ways to catch enemies from the shadows.

Towards the last two games of the trilogy, your skills will evolve better for your experience, allowing you to be like an expert assassin killing every single opponent with Cryo skills and armor disruptors.

As for the other remaining classes, we recommend focus on them once you have completed your first run, or if your play style goes more inclined to a defensive and skillful role:

  • Adept: Masters of the biotic powers, this class is perfect for those who want a more challenging experience and can work with his teammates to finish the mission
  • Engineer: These tech specialists are the best option for those who like defense more than offense, being able to plan squad attacks while also nerfing the enemies along the way.
  • Sentinel: The hybrid between Adept and Engineer, this is more for those who prefer to play in a Support role, having lots of powers to disarm the enemy and improve your squad before the battle.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be released on 14th May, 2021.