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Best Salt and Sacrifice class for beginners

The best class for new players in Salt and Sacrifice is the Cleric because of its great versatility, here's an early-game Cleric guide.
Best Salt and Sacrifice class for beginners

Salt and Sacrifice is the new 2d game available for Playstation 4, PS5, and PC. Players must use their abilities to vanquish monsters and find new equipment.

The gameplay for Salt and Sacrifice is similar to a Metroidvania with a souls-like atmosphere. The game is difficult with unique fights and hidden pathways, but players raved over the first game Salt and Sanctuary.

There are 8 classes to choose from in Salt and Sacrifice and choosing the right one might prove to be a difficult choice. For any beginners playing Salt and Sacrifice, the best class is the Cleric.

Best starting Salt and Sacrifice class - Cleric

Salt and Sacrifice Cleric best beginner class
The Cleric is the best starting class for beginning players in Salt and Sacrifice. (Picture: Ska Studios / fwengi)

The Cleric is the best class for beginners to choose because the class starts with a healing spell, has solid starting stats, and starts with both a melee and ranged weapon. This versatility will help players learn the different aspects of the game.

Being able to heal is a great ability for beginners since the game promises to be a challenge for new players. Another advantage is that the cleric has wound removal which can save players from a lot of headaches. Clerics use light armor which means they aren’t burdened with heavy weight and can avoid fat rolling.

This is a great class for players who want to play a Mage as well because both classes focus on wisdom and can learn more spells throughout the game. Being a Cleric gives players access to powerful spells and the power for optimal healing.

Advice for choosing other classes - Salt and Sacrifice

Salt and Sacrifice best starting classes
Players should think about how they want to play before choosing their class. (Picture: Ska Studios)

If new players find that they don’t want to play with the Cleric class then there are a few things that they’ll want to consider. The gameplay for a Mage is drastically different from that of a Fighter.

A big thing to consider when choosing a class in Salt and Sacrifice is the weapon type that they would like to use. Some classes use a shield and melee weapon while others might use a ranged weapon or spells.

Each class has different starting equipment which can affect the player’s interaction with the game in the beginning hours. As players progress, they will find more items and spells to help them throughout their journey.


Featured image courtesy of Ska Studios.