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Bloodborne PC and PS5 remaster reveal imminent, according to rumours

Rumours suggest Bloodborne remaster is coming to PS5 and PC, and we should hear more about it soon.
Bloodborne PC and PS5 remaster reveal imminent, according to rumours
The PlayStation 5 games showcase event was scheduled to take place on 4th June. Rumours suggest we would have already seen Bloodborne remaster for PC and PS5 by now. 

The event was postponed in support of #BlackLivesMatter protests. While Sony has not revealed a new date for the event, rumours about Bloodborne remaster are mounting.


Bloodborne remaster PC and PS5 rumours

As always, remember to take information such as this with a grain of salt until such time as Sony officially reveals Bloodborne remaster to the world. With the inevitable disclaimer out of the way, Bloodborne remaster rumours are quickly growing.

Streamer CaseyExplosion, in a recent Tweet, talked about Bloodborne remaster coming to PC. 



According to CaseyExplosion, a source with knowledge on the project also confirmed the Bloodborne remaster PC port was planned to be announced at the PS5 event.

While CaseyExplosion claims to know who is at the helm of the remaster, she didn't name the developers. However, YouTube channel PC Gaming Inquisition suggests the game is being handled in a joint effort from Bluepoint Games and QLOC, the latter worked on Dark Souls Remastered, while the former worked on Shadow of the Colossus remake.



Industry analysts and insiders quickly jumped on board the Bloodborne remaster for PC and PS5 rumour, with a prime example being Nibel, who shared additional technical details.




Nibel suggests Bluepoint Games is also working on the long-rumoured Demon Souls remaster. While the Bloodborne remaster for PC and PS5 is still just a rumour at this point, it is spreading like wildfire.

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