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Bungie Could Be Using A New Engine For Their New IP

It seems that Bungie could be moving on to a new engine for their next IP.
Bungie Could Be Using A New Engine For Their New IP

Bungie has been around the gaming space for a very long time. As the ones who created the Halo series, Bungie has a lot of prestige and history behind it. That is why there are so many fans who play and enjoy Destiny 2. Bungie has been working on Destiny 2 for nearly ten years now, and it is about time for them to be looking at their next project.

It is no secret that Bungie is looking forward to what their next big project will be. After all, all big video game companies are looking towards the next project that they are releasing. But it seems like Bungie is going to go through some changes with how they develop games. It is looking like Bungie is going to abandon Tiger Engine and work with a new engine.

Bungie's Next IP Will Use Unreal 5

Bungie New Engine
Destiny 2 was developed using the Tiger Engine. (Picture: Bungie)

In the past, Bungie has hired many people throughout the lifecycle of Destiny 2. In their job postings, Bungie would mention that interested developers would have to use the Tiger Engine as that is what they used for Destiny 2. However, it seems like that reference has been put away, and another engine is now being mentioned.

In their latest job posting for an Incubation Gameplay Engineering Lead, Bungie instead mentions that interested applicants should have experience in using Unreal 5. Using Unreal Engine 5 would state a large shift in how Bungie would be developing games for their new IPS. It will be interesting to see how developing on Unreal will be for Bungie compared to their custom Tiger Engine.

What Is Next For Bungie?

Using Unreal Engine 5 will present new opportunities for Bungie's next game. (Picture: Bungie)

As you can tell from the most recent job posting, it looks like development for Bungie's new IPs is well underway. Sony acquired Bungie back in 2022, and Sony has mentioned that in the past, they want to develop much more live-service games. Seeing that Bungie has done very well with Destiny 2, this could help us understand what Bungie is looking to make.

In the job posting, Bungie mentioned that the next game they are making with Unreal 5 is a "joyful PvP combat" game. Although it is a bit vague, this does confirm that Bungie is working on a PvP-focused game. It is also likely that Bungie is working on other PvP games as well. We will have to wait to see what Bungie is cooking up next.