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Can you save equipment in Deathloop across runs? Here's how get more Residuum

Don't know how to get more Residuum in Deathloop? Losing all your gear when dying in Deathloop can be a brutal experience, but worry not, as you will quickly learn that you can actually save your equipment after death and between runs. Here's how.
Can you save equipment in Deathloop across runs? Here's how get more Residuum

Deathloop is a game that will make you remember every single death as consequences can be rather harsh.

As a rogue-lite game, Deathloop gives you only a few lives (known as Reprise) and if you die three times, it's game over and you need to start the whole loop again without any previous progress and without all of the equipment you have gathered during the previous run.

It's a painful experience and it can be frustrating for many, but that's the nature of rogue-lite/like games, the challenging aspect of knowing that you must be near perfect in your run or you will have to do it again from the scratch.

Still, do you really need to lose everything when you die or are there ways to save your gear even upon death?

How to keep equipment in Deathloop between runs

How to keep equipment in Deathloop between runs
It's never a good feeling when you lose all your hard-earned gear. (Picture: Bethesda)

Deathloop is a brutal game, but thankfully, there is a way for you to keep your gear even after you die and start the loop from the beginning.

As you probably know, Deathloop doesn't have a manual save system, rather it features a rogue-like autosave function that saves you the game at specific checkpoints, where you are brought back with Reprise upon dying.

As long as you have Reprise you'll keep your gear, but if you die three times you start over and lose equipment.

Can you save equipment in Deathloop across runs? Here's how get more Residuum
Residuum is an essential resource in Deathloop. (Picture: Bethesda)

This can be a big problem in the early stages of the game, but later you will get access to a new ability that will let you use a resource called Residuum.

You will be able to infuse items with Residuum. Every piece of equipment you infuse with Residuum will stay in your inventory when you start the loop again.

How to get more Residuum?

Residuum Deathloop
Make sure not to miss any Residuum scattered around the island. (Picture: Bethesda)

You will quickly learn that Residuum is an essential tool for your runs as it is the only way for you to save your equipment even if you die.

You can earn Residuum in three ways.

  • The visionaries drop Residuum when you kill them.
  • When you rewind (use Reprise) you can go back to where you died and collect some Residuum there.
  • It can be found around the map, contained in canisters which you collect.

The amount of Residuum you will have is rather limited so make sure to use it wisely and strategically only for those items you know you will need.

On the other hand, Residuum can not be used between runs, you will always lose it if you die, so don't be too hesitant about using it, otherwise, it will be wasted.


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