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Chivalry 2 combat guide: How to parry, riposte, counter, Initiative mechanic and more

Do you really think we’d let you run into battle unprepared? We’ve got you covered with a nifty Chivalry 2 counter guide that will have you slaying your enemies with ease.
Chivalry 2 combat guide: How to parry, riposte, counter, Initiative mechanic and more

If you’ve ever played Chivalry, then you’ll know that it's filled with much violence and gore, complete with bloody battles, detached body parts and more. Inspired by the Medieval era of clashing swords, flaming arrows and castle sieges, Chivalry 2 mimics its predecessor with new features and even greater visuals.

Indeed, the new iteration of the game is rather large compared to the original, weighing in at a hefty 20 GB. This is expected, however, given its greater depth of realism and array of weapons and complex combat mechanics.

For those newly acquainted with the game, this could be a bit overwhelming and may have you respawning a bit more than you’d like. But fear not, squire. We’ve got your back with a guide around important game sense mechanics that will have you knighted in no time.

Chivalry 2 - A guide to combat basics

Admittingly, Chivalry 2’s combat system is quite convoluted. If you’re not familiar with the game, then be patient with yourself. It has a steep learning curve, but it’s totally manageable.

Chivalry 2 combat guide how to parrying riposte counters initiative mechanic game modes(Picture: Torn Banner Studios / Chivalry 2)

Let’s get started with some combat basics, explaining how parrying, riposte, and counters work in Chivalry 2.

How parrying works in Chivalry 2

You will be charged at by enemies and you may not always be in the best position to fight. Parrying is a way you can offset incoming damage, by blocking enemy attacks.

To parry, use the right mouse button (if you’re on PC) or the ‘block’ button (if you’re on console) ahead of the enemy’s strike. You can also hold the parry for time, although it will burn your stamina. You therefore cannot hold a parry forever.

How to riposte in Chivalry 2

Assuming your parry was executed correctly, you can swiftly respond with a counter attack. This is called riposte. Essentially it’s a quick attack (e.g. a slash or kick) and it is a lot more efficient than holding the parry for time. It may also set you up for subsequent combo attacks.

How to counter an attack in Chivalry 2

Likewise, after your riposte, you can respond with an attack move on the enemy. Do this by observing and then copying the enemy’s attack type (e.g., slash, stab, or overhead). Executed properly, it will result in the enemy (rather than yourself) receiving the damage.

You can also combo your attacks. Just be aware that if you attempt to attack at the same time as the enemy, whoever attacks first will be the one to deal the damage (and thus also interrupt any other incoming combos from the opponent).

Naturally, it’s perhaps a bit more complicated than we make it seem. Take a look at this video which demonstrates some excellent footwork and game sense.

Akin to any battle, positioning is vital for survival. You can see the effect of good positioning from the video above. Ensure that you keep an eye on your enemies.

Moreover, you can only parry attacks in the direction that you’re currently facing. This means that you cannot parry attacks originating from behind or aside from you. Whatever you do, try not to get surrounded. If you do, well - good luck then.

Chivalry 2's Initiative mechanic explained

In case it’s not already obvious, timing your attacks is super important in Chivalry 2. Running into battle senselessly is only going to end in your inevitable death. Timing your attacks in a way that is sensible and calculated, is called ‘Initiative’.

Chivalry 2 combat guide how to parrying riposte counters initiative mechanic game modes(Picture: Torn Banner Studios / Chivalry 2)

In a nutshell, you should only attack when you have Initiative. Otherwise, you should try to reclaim Initiative by parrying and riposte, as previously explained.

Be mindful that the enemy may wish to reclaim their Initiative from you, in which case you may be on the defensive once again.

Chivalry 2 game modes

If you’re new to the game, you may benefit from playing in Free for All,  which is exactly that; a free for all. The reason for this is that you will have the advantage of learning about the different classes and weapon types. You can also brush up on your swordwork, without having to waste too much time running back into battle from the respawn point.

Once you have acquired enough experience, you can try out the Mixed Combat Mode. In this mode, you will be randomly assigned a team and play in a Team Deathmatch or Team Objective game. Just be careful not to harm your teammates if you’re fighting within close proximity to them; there’s “friendly fire” in Chivalry 2.

Check out this epic gameplay footage by Pixelated Apollo to get started:

Are you ready to fight to the death now?

We hope this guide has you excited to enter into the dark ages. So pick up your sword (or axe) and charge into battle confidently! Naturally, surviving an epic battle has its own sense of reward. But as we’ve previously mentioned, the game's combat system is quite complex. Give yourself sufficient time to learn the game’s mechanics and have fun.

Are you ready to fight to the death? Yes? Good. Now, charge into battle, soldier!

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