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Clanfolk - Release Date, Platforms, Features, Gameplay, And More

Here's everything you need to know about the Colony Life Sim Clanfolk, including its release date, platforms, features, gameplay, and more.
Clanfolk - Release Date, Platforms, Features, Gameplay, And More

Clanfolk is an upcoming Scottish-themed colony life simulator game published by Hooded Horse and created by MinMax Games. The game itself is set to be a unique experience for every player that gives it a try, and if you want to know more, then we have you covered.

We'll be taking a look at all the details surrounding the release of Clanfolk, including its release date, platforms, gameplay features, and more. To get you ready to dive right in once the game releases.

Clanfolk Release Date And Platforms

Clanfolk Release Date Platforms Features Gameplay And More Releasing on the 14th July
Clanfolk is releasing on PC through Steam on the 14th July. (Picture: Hooded Horse)

Clanfolk has been given an official release date for the 14th July 2022, and you can add it to your wishlist and play the demo right now on Steam. As of right now, it is unsure whether the game will be released for other platforms such as Xbox or Playstation.

But be sure to check here after the game releases for more updates on the possibility of a cross-platform release.

Clanfolk Features And Gameplay

Clanfolk Release Date Platforms Features Gameplay And More Players need to survive
Players need to survive through punishing winters and harsh summers in Clanfolk. (Picture: Hooded Horse)

Clanfolk is a colony simulator featuring some unique and challenging mechanics set to make it stand out from the competition. Players will need to take over the management of a medieval settlement, by stocking up on provisions in the Summer and surviving the Winter.

Players will need to take into account the needs and requirements of each member of their clan, with each one having unique behaviors. There will also be a heavy focus on the family aspect of clan folk as each member of your family and the other denizens of your clan hunt, fish, create relationships, have children and eventually die, passing on their legacy.

This is where the features of Clanfolk make the game so unique, as there are procedurally generated maps and events, such as the winter snows and summer fires. All of these affect your clan, and due to their dynamic behavior, means you will need to pay attention to what your clan is doing and how relationships and roles are progressing.

Clanfolk Release Date Platforms Features Gameplay And More Relationships
Clanfolk also features relationships building, marriages and having children. (Picture: Hooded Horse)

Another great feature that Clanfolk employs is a neighboring clan system with other clans built up around yours, and members from that clan can interact with your clan folk for better or worse. This, once again coupled with the dynamic elements of each of your clan members, gives the game a natural realism as people can be suspicious of one another, or form lasting relationships depending on their personality.

And finally, on top of all of this, there is the aspect of having to deal with mother nature, and the weather affects your crops and livestock, making every day vital to your survival and planning ahead is a necessity. This means fires or icy winters can not only hurt or kill your denizens but also destroy your resources and make things extremely difficult to manage.

So all in all, your role in the game is to balance and watch over everything that revolves around the flourishing of your clan folk and their future survival. From making sure they have food to eat and a roof over their heads, to ensuring they're happy and can safely have families of their own to keep your clan strong and prosperous.

If you haven't checked out the trailer for Clanfolk, please consider giving it a watch above. And we hope you all give the game a chance once it drops on 14th July 2022.

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Featured image courtesy of Hooded Horse.