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Clash Quest May patch notes: Dungeons, Shipwrecks, balance changes and more

The first major update for Clash Quest has been rolled out introducing new features, along with a bunch of balance changes and here are the complete patch notes.
Clash Quest May patch notes: Dungeons, Shipwrecks, balance changes and more
Clash Quest, an upcoming game tactical puzzle RPG from Supercell, has received its first significant update introducing brand new features in the Island.

The patch has added Dungeons and Shipwrecks to the game, along with a bunch of game and balance changes. You can have detailed information about the latest additions and improvements through the Clash Quest May 2021 update patch notes.

Clash Quest May 2021 patch notes

New Feature: Dungeons

Clash Quest May patch notesDungeons. (Picture: Supercell)

Dungeons are dark and mysterious places you can explore to earn loot, discover items, and challenge your Questing skills!

To access a Dungeon, you will need to obtain a Compass. Compasses can be found as a random drop or can be acquired in the Item Shop. Once you get your hands on a Compass, a Dungeon will automatically rise from the sea on the map and is ready for you to conquer.

Each Dungeon contains 20 levels for you to tackle. However, damage is persistent. This means after each attempt, you’ll be able to continue where you last left off! You can make as many attempts on a Dungeon as you want until you complete all 20 levels. You will receive loot for each completed level and once you’ve beaten the final level the Dungeon will sink back into the sea.


  • Each Dungeon has 20 levels
  • Completing each level will give loot
  • Dungeon attempts will require one Quest Energy or one Quest Token
  • Pick up where you left off after each attempt

New Feature: Shipwrecks

Clash Quest dungeons and shipwrecksShipwreck (Picture: Supercell)

The Archipelago of Clash Quest is a dangerous and treacherous place for mariners to navigate their ships. Many a treasure-seeking adventurer has attempted to navigate these islands only to end up in Davy Jones’ Locker (the bottom of the sea). This means there are plenty of sunken treasures to be found and pillaged.

Shipwrecks are the remains of sunken ships that are scattered throughout the Clash Quest map. If you’ve got Quest Energy or Quest Tokens to spare, then Shipwrecks are the ideal place to cash them out.

Simply click on a Shipwreck, spend a single Energy or Token and you’ll receive the loot inside. It’s as easy as that!

Shipwrecks are a great way to quickly save up loot to upgrade Troops and Spells before tackling more challenging levels ahead!


Game and Balance Changes

The Clash Quest team has been looking at ways they can make improvements to the player experience. 

  • New Item: Giant’s Rage Gauntlet
    • Rage Gauntlet gives an attack boost equal to the ratio of missing health to a maximum of +50% at Level 1 and up to +200% at Level 4. 1x combo required.
    • Rage Gauntlet will replace Giant’s Defensive Gauntlet.
  • Power levels for Items have been balanced to provide greater increases in power for each new level.
  • Cannons will no longer hit air units like Baby Dragons
  • Mortar splash damage no longer affects air units.
  • P.E.K.K.A’s Lightning Blade Zap will not target Walls.
  • Gems added as possible rewards for League Chests.
  • Added explosive cool animations to opening chests in the Item Shop.
  • UI should show how many attempts a player has made on a level and their best completion percentage after a player has made at least one attempt on a level.
  • Graphics rendering performance has been improved.
  • League info button is shown in the top right corner of League menu also when League is still locked (under 70 stars).
  • A notification about un-played League day coming to an end will be now shown if a player has played during the current season. Previously it required that a player had played on a previous day.
  • Bomber’s hat color changed from blue to brown so it doesn’t get confused with Wizard.
  • Allow preview of next stage in Challenge Mode.
  • No Target indicator is shown for units without a target when using Charge or other attack spell.

Bug Fixes

In this update, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Fixed spelling of P.E.K.K.A to no longer have a period (.) at the end of her name. Very important to the Clash universe!
  • Background audio will no longer stop when entering the game using a device running on iOS
  • Fire splash to an already burning tile cannot decrease fire damage
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Goblins can end up on the same tile when the first one has been destroyed.
  • Fixed unit movement causing a rubber banding effect when playing at 4x speed.
  • Name popup’s could cause a visual error if players had achieved 70 Stars and restarted the application.
  • Fixed character animations getting stuck on the info page.
  • Prevent closing the Rewards screen if a bad connection indicator is visible. This fixes the “unlimited gold glitch” visual bug.
  • Fixed visual bug displaying incorrect day in player info menu
  • Fixed issue with Baby Dragon Force Collar activating on the first empty tile.
  • Fixed Barbarian Rage Sword effect not cancelling when unit is fully healed.
  • Fixed Lava Golem hands giving Gold when destroyed.
  • “New Quest is available” notification will not properly display on-screen.
  • Fixed crash and possibility of Lava Golem not being defeated during encounter.
  • Fixed screen alignment of map in some devices like the Pixel 4a due to screen margin differences.
  • Charge Spell was not properly showing item activations icons when hold-to-preview was used.
  • Fixed minor bug with Tesla Tower hide/unhide animations.
  • Fixed UI issue in the Item Shop that blocked ability to scroll.
  • Save previous season score when the season changes.
  • Fixed graphical issue where Archer’s Fire Bow splash damage would cause health bars of defeated units to remain on screen.
  • Gold Cart’s missing wheel bug fixed.
  • Fixed graphical issue where Barrel Quest Bombers and the player’s Bombers mirrored each other’s movements and equipment.
  • Fixed issue where Chests on the map would flicker.
  • Fixed issue where using Log Spell against Exploding Barrels would cause a crash.
  • Teslas set on fire after being frozen should no longer hide again.
  • Fixed bug with Goblin King’s movement when playing at 4x speed.
  • Fixed an issue where Baby Dragon was not targeting the first Wall segment.