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CouRage wins $350k CashApp Uno tournament

The new 100 Thieves co-owner dominated the competition that included streamers like Ludwig, the Botez sisters, and more.
CouRage wins $350k CashApp Uno tournament
It seems Jack "CouRage" Dunlop is on a roll recently, as the new co-owner of 100 Thieves ended up winning the 0k CashApp Pay Day Uno tournament, securing 0k in Bitcoin.

Dunlop would topple big names in the streaming community the Botez sisters, Ludwig Aghren, Neekolul, Myth, Hasan, fellow 100 Thieves co-owners Nadeshot and Valkyrae, and plenty more.

CouRage wasn't the only winner, as the event allowed viewers living in the United States to bet on who would come out on top, receiving a percentage of the prize pool if they guessed correctly.

courage wins cash app uno
(Picture: 100 Thieves)

The event was partially created to promote the new 100 Thieves Cash Card, which will support Gamers Outreach, a non-profit organization that aims to ease treatment for hospitalized children.

CashApp Pay Day Uno tournament - Results

  • 1st: CouRage
  • 2nd: Alexandra Botez & Andrea Botez
  • 2nd: Valkyrae & Bella Poarch
  • 4th: Yassuo
  • 5th: Neeko
  • 6th: BrookeAB
  • 7th: CashNasty & Kris London
  • 8th: Nadeshot