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Cricket 22 delayed following Tim Paine sexting scandal

Australian game developer Big Ant Studios announced that Cricket 22 would be delayed after now-ex Australia Test captain Tim Paine stepped down following a sexting scandal with a former co-worker.
Australian video game developer Big Ant Studios recently announced that the upcoming game title Cricket 22 would be delayed after now-ex Australia Test captain Tim Paine reportedly stepped down amid a sexting scandal with a former colleague. The developers were expecting to launch Cricket 22 on 25th November but have since delayed the game's release by another week, launching instead on 2nd December.

Cricket 22 delayed following Tim Paine sexting scandal

According to a Twitter post on 22nd November, Big Ant Studios revealed in a statement that the delay was the result of "factors beyond [their] control" and that this was the first time they "ever had to delay a game release."

Accordingly, the statement read: "We need to update the game's cover art, other visuals and team lists." The developers continued, saying that "there was a critical Day 1 patch that players will need to enjoy the full Cricket 22 experience that has consequently needed to be revoked."

According to the developers, "all platforms, both physical and digital," would be delayed. As a result, the new patch for Cricket 22 will only be ready for release on 2nd December.

cricket 22 game release date delayed 2nd December Big Ant Studios
Cricket 22 has been delayed by 1 week and will launch on 2nd December. (Picture: Big Ant Studios)

"Everyone at Big Ant Studios would like to thank our fans and supporters for understanding our need to do this, ensuring the game is as full and authentic a cricket experience as possible," the developers said before prompting fans to bookmark the 2nd December launch.

Big Ant Studios did not specifically indicate that the delay was due to Tim Paine's sexting scandal; however, they didn't have to given the uncanny timing.

tim paine sext scandal resignation cricket 22 big ant studios
Australia Test skipper Tim Paine. (Picture: AP / Sportzwiki)

According to reports, Tim Paine admitted to sending sexually-charged messages to a female colleague at Cricket Tasmania in 2017, which subsequently gave birth to a misconduct investigation after allegations surfaced later the following year.

Despite being acquitted, Paine resigned from his career in professional Cricket following the scandal.

On 23rd November on Twitter, the Cricket 22 developers also announced that "Pat Cummins, vice-captain of the Australia men's cricket team, will be on the Cricket 22 digital cover alongside the women's team captain Meg Lanning."

Cricket 22 game developers reveal digital cover artwork replace Tim Paine with Pat Cummins
Cricket 22 game developers reveal digital cover artwork replace Tim Paine with Pat Cummins. (Picture: Twitter / Big Ant Studios)

Cricket 22 will launch on 2nd December across all major gameplay platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

In a Twitter post on 24th November, the developers noted that PlayStation refunded all preorders on PS4 and PS5 and revoked access to The Nets. However, the company are working with PlayStation to enable preorders once again.


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Featured image courtesy of Big Ant Studios.