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DC FanDome: When are the Batman: Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad game reveals?

Along with movie panels, DC FanDome is boasting some big game reveals for Batman and Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad. Here’s when you can catch the announcements.
DC FanDome is the annual celebration of everything DC, ranging from comics, upcoming movies like Wonder Woman 1984 and in recent years, game reveals. 

This year the event is taking up an online format due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with 24 hour streams spread across Saturday 22nd August and 12th September.

The biggest day for game reveals is the former, with both Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game and WB Montreal’s new Batman title set to be revealed, so here’s when you should be tuning in. 


What time will Batman: Gotham Knights be revealed?


Believed to be titled Batman: Gotham Knights centred around the Court of Owls, WB Games Montreal will give a full reveal of the game on the DC FanDome stream at the below times depending on your region. 

  • UK - 6.25pm BST
  • Europe - 7.25pm CEST
  • West Coast US - 10.25am PT
  • East Coast US - 1.25pm ET


What time will Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game be revealed?

Suicide Squad Rocksteady
Suicide Squad is the next IP from Rocksteady (Picture: Rocksteady) 

After confirming Rocksteady’s next project will be a Suicide Squad title in slightly anticlimactic fashion on Twitter, a full reveal will take place at the below times depending on your region. 

  • UK - 1.10am BST
  • Europe - 2.10am CEST
  • West Coast US - 5.10pm PT
  • East Coast US - 8.10pm ET

You can find the full schedule for the event here


Where can I watch the DC FanDome stream?

You’ll be able to watch the livestream on DCFanDome.com for 24 hours starting from Saturday 21st August at 10am PDT/6pm BST. It's recommended you watch the stream on a PC or Mac.