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Dead Space Remake Gameplay Trailer Reveals Interesting Details

Here's everything you need to know about the recent Dead Space remake gameplay trailer.
Dead Space Remake Gameplay Trailer Reveals Interesting Details

With the Dead Space Remake only a few months away, fans have been hungry to see what to expect from the remake of one of the most popular horror games in recent years. Thankfully we now have something to chew on as a brand new trailer revealing the gameplay has been revealed.

Below you can find everything you need to know about the trailer that was released for the Dead Space Remake along with some of the more interesting details we've noticed. And of course, you can find the trailer itself to watch below if you haven't seen it yet. 

Dead Space Remake Gameplay Trailer Revealed

The trailer shows Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of all three Dead Space games, running through the corridors of the USG Ishimura, a planet cracker starship. Isaac uses his classic weapon, the plasma cutter, to dismember and mutilate a variety of zombie creatures known as Necromorphs, the iconic and terrifying enemies throughout the series.

Dead Space remake gameplay trailer revealed Isaac Clarke returns
Isaac Clarke returns to the Ishimura and will now be fully voiced. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

For those unfamiliar with the Dead Space franchise, Isaac Clarke is an engineer who travels with a small crew to assist in the repair of the Ishimura following a distress signal. When Isaac and the crew board the ship, they discover an army of zombified humans, all of whom have been transformed by a mysterious relic known as The Marker. 

This then sees Isaac venturing through the ship to repair it, find his girlfriend Nicole, who was stationed on the Ishimura, and survive the horrors to come as he pieces together what’s happened on this cursed vessel. As he does so, Isaac will use a variety of powerful and deadly weapons such as pulse rifles, buzz saw launchers, and of course a flamethrower, all of which were showcased in the trailer.

The Dead Space remake is a recreation of the original game, but EA Motive has taken some creative liberties with it to help modernize it. For example, the studio recently revealed that the game will feature a continuous camera shot that will never be cut and essentially prived one continuous gameplay experience with no loading screens and an interconnected ship to explore. 

New movement mechanics are also showcased in the trailer as Isaac can now fly using the 360-degree flight suit mechanics introduced in the sequel titles, which they executed far better. This will introduce some new puzzles and challenges to solve when in zero-g (zero gravity) areas of the game and add more complexity to the otherwise straightforward puzzles in the original.

Dead Space remake gameplay trailer revealed new mechanics and gameplay features
A new flight system and more will be making its debut in the original Dead Space. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

The game will also flesh out characters like Nicole and allow players to see some characters who are only mentioned in audio logs about the Ishimura. And as shown at the tail end f the trailer with Isaac calling out to Nicole, he will now be fully voice-acted by Gunner Wright, the VA who voiced the engineer in Dead Space 2 and 3. 

This will give us a fresh look at the character as he was originally a silent protagonist in the original Dead Space and will give us a new way to interpret the events that unfold from Isaacs's perspective. 

Dead Space remake gameplay trailer revealed game will stay close to original
Thanks to hardcore fans oversight, the game will stay close to the original where it needs to. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

For the hard-core Dead Space fans out there, you'll be glad to know that the games will still try to nail the original's strengths. As the development has been running alongside a group of Dead Space fans who have been monitoring development since the beginning to ensure the remake stays true to the original.

So it seems we're in for an improved and polished experience with the upcoming Dead Space remake, and from what the trailer has given us so far, we can't wait to jump back into the limb-dismembering horror that is Dead Space. 

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Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts.