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Tough Nuggets Location & Farming Guide - Grounded

Wondering how to farm Tough Nuggets in Grounded? We'll help you find the Tough Nuggets location quickly.
Tough Nuggets Location & Farming Guide - Grounded

Tough Nuggets are an incredibly important resource in Grounded, allowing you to boost your weapons and advance on your journey in the vast world. They aren't exactly easy to get, though, especially if you're a beginner or haven't even made your way into the Sandbox yet.

That's why we've created this guide to help you find all of the Tough Nuggets in Grounded, and farm them so you can make the most of your time looking for them.

Tough Nuggets Locations

tough nuggets grounded locations
In Grounded, you can farm Tough Nuggets directly or from larger rocks. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment/Xbox Game Studios)

Because Tough Nuggets are a valuable resource, they're placed in hard-to-access locations, and are often defended by strong enemies.

If you're going to farm Tough Nuggets, you need to make sure you're prepared before you head out. Once you've gotten yourself ready for your adventure, you can find Tough Nuggets in the following locations:

  • Hedge - Head to the bottom to find 2 Tough Nuggets.
  • Koi Pond - Look under the frisbee to find 2 Tough Nuggets.
  • Koi Pond Outpost - Look around to find 2 Tough Nuggets. 
  • Broken Outpost - Look near the Pond Dome to find 2 Tough Nuggets.
  • Mossy Key Cave - Look around to find 2 Tough Nuggets.
  • Haze Lab - Look at the Exposed Pipe to find 2 Tough Nuggets.
  • Rake Rock Cave - Look around to find 3 Tough Nuggets nearby.
  • Larva Cave - Look around to find 3 Tough Nuggets nearby.
  • Black Ant Hill - Search in the lab and you'll find 3 Tough Nuggets sitting around.
  • Oak Lab Cave - Look around to find 4 Tough Nuggets.
  • Hedge Outposts - You'll find 4 Tough Nuggets sitting out here.
  • Minotaur Maze - Complete the maze and look on the Picnic Table to find 4 Tough Nuggets.

You'll also find Tough Nuggets sitting out in the following locations, scattered about:

  • Old Ant Hill - 6 Tough Nuggets 
  • Red Ant Hill - 6 Tough Nuggets 
  • Hedge Lab - 9 Tough Nuggets 
  • Haze Trenches - 14 Tough Nuggets 
  • Black Ant Hill - 17 Tough Nuggets 
  • Haze Lab - 20 Tough Nuggets
  • Pond Lab - 28 Tough Nuggets

As you can see, some locations have more Tough Nuggets than others, meaning that if you want more of them, you should look in these areas.

Tough Nuggets Farming Guide

sandbox grounded farming tough nuggets
Some areas are better than others to farm Tough Nuggets. (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment/Xbox Game Studios)

Tough Nuggets can be obtained from farming them directly, but it's a better idea to take an alternative approach.

You can also get Tough Nuggets from Stone of Toughness, which come in varying levels of toughness, with three different levels.

You'll be able to find the lowest tier of the Stone of Toughness in the following locations:

  • Flower Bed
  • Rake Rock Point
  • Plank Cliff Cave
  • Hedge Lab
  • Larva Cave
  • Clover Cave
  • Red Ant Hill
  • Haze Trenches
  • Black Ant Hill

You'll need a Peblet Hammer for the Stone of Toughness, an Insect Hammer for the Cool Stone of Toughness, or the Black Ox Hammer for the Rad Stone of Toughness. 

Note that Stones of Toughness do not respawn, so once you use them up, you won't be able to come back and find them again.

If you're on the lookout for other useful resources in Grounded, be sure to check out our guide to how to find EverChar Coal Chunks in Grounded.

And that's all you need to know about where to find Tough Nuggets in Grounded as well as how to farm them as quickly as possible.

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Featured image courtesy of Obsidian Entertainment/Xbox Game Studios.