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Destruction AllStars delayed until February: Will be free with PlayStation Plus

Sony has delayed Destruction AllStars changing it from a PS5 launch title to a free game with PlayStation Plus in 2021.
Destruction AllStars delayed until February: Will be free with PlayStation Plus

You will have to wait months longer than expected to play Destruction AllStars but at least you won't have to open your wallet if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Sony has decided to delay Destruction AllStars, which was supposed to be a PS5 launch title. However, there's some good news with the delay announcement.

Destruction AllStars Release Date Delayed

In a recent blog post, Sony has announced their decision to delay Destruction AllStars, one of the few PS5 launch titles.

The new Destruction AllStars release date window is set for February 2021. This means you will have to a few months longer to jump into the vehicular mayhem multiplayer title. 

With the new release date window for Destruction AllStars also comes some good news for your wallet.

Destruction AllStars Free with PS+

Instead of being a $70 launch title for PS5, Sony has announced Destruction AllStars will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers when it launches in February 2021.

Destruction alllstars release date ps5 free playstation plus
(Picture: Sony)


The game will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in both February and March, as Sony explained: "it will be included for two months in PlayStation Plus at no additional cost."

This could be an excellent move on Sony's part, as Destruction AllStars has the potential to bring in a tonne of new PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Lastly, those who have already pre-ordered the game from the PlayStation Store, or via a retail outlet, will get their purchases refunded. At the time of writing, the date for Destruction AllStars refunds has not been revealed.