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Destruction AllStars: How to get Destruction Points and AllStar Coins

Destruction AllStars has two in-game currencies to attain, so here’s how to acquire each amid the vehicle frenzy.
Destruction AllStars: How to get Destruction Points and AllStar Coins
Destruction AllStars is the latest PS5 exclusive to hit the system, seeing players cause as much chaos as possible in vehicular combat.

Developed by Lucid Games, the game itself is an extremely fun blend of Burnout and Twisted Metal - smashing vehicles, and drivers, across a variety of multiplayer modes.

As a modern game however, there’s obviously in-game currencies tied to your progression which can unlock numerous benefits. Destruction AllStars packs two in Destruction Points and AllStar coins, which are both attained via different means.  


How to gain AllStar Coins in Destruction AllStars

You can unlock cosmetics with coins or destruction points (Picture: Sony) 

AllStar Coins are unlocked by levelling up with XP and generally playing the game, with each level up rewarding you with 1000 AllStar Coins.

You can gain XP by performing well in matches, including wrecking opponents, placing high on leaderboards, or winning in either solo or team modes.

AllStar Coins can be used to customise certain characters with new outfits and emotes, along with personalising your profile with banners and emblems. 


How to gain Destruction Points in Destruction AllStars

Unlike AllStar Coins, you can’t actually earn Destruction Points by naturally progressing through the game. These are instead tied to microtransactions.

This won’t be permanent however, with developer Lucid Games stating they’ll be able to be unlocked by completing challenges at some point in 2021. The only way to get them now, however, is through purchases on the PlayStation Store.

Destruction Points can be bought in 500, 1000, or 2000 packs, and unlock certain character skins and emotes. The majority of the unlocks however can be earned through AllStar Coins, with only the especially rare items locked behind Destruction Points.

Destruction AllStars is available free on PlayStation 5 for PS Plus subscribers until 3rd April.